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chapters 1-5

• Chapter 1 begins with an unnamed protagonist thinking about his stay at the Dolphin Hotel in Sapporo. The hotel was a dive, but the man cannot seem to get it out of his mind.

• Part of the reason for that was an extended stay with a call girl named whose name he did not know.

• The narrator details the Dolphin Hotel in all its shabby glory. Frst of all, it was built in the wrong place, and it lacked a sense of being normal.

• The protagonist, who is a freelance writer, refers to it as being "Like a button on a shirt buttoned wrong, every attempt to correct things led to yet another fine - not to say elegant - mess."
• In Chapter 2, the writer goes to Hokkaido on a work assignment which includes writing about restaurants for a women's magazine.

• The writer's background is revealed. He...

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