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Lesson 1 (from 'Dalva', pg. 3-35.)


'Dalva', pg. 3-35.

Readers learn the organization of the novel in "'Dalva', pg. 3-35" when it is made known the story is divided into long sections with one title, instead of numbered chapters. The objective of this lesson is to learn the role of organization in the novel.


1) Class Discussion: The first section of the novel switches between the present and the past. What type of organization is this? Does this provide clear organization? Does this cause readers any confusion?

2) Partner Discussion: The novel is given chapter titles to provide organization to each section of the book. Why might the author have chosen this writing style to organize the book? What are the pro's and con's of this type of section organization? What would the novel lack if there were no chapter titles?

3) Journal Writing: Write a paragraph or two in a journal responding to...

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