Dalva Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Dalva Northridge - This character falls for her half-brother and becomes depressed when forced to give their child away.

Michael - This professor of history is forced into sobriety after being in the hospital.

John W Northridge - This character is missionary and botanist to the Sioux nation.

Naomi Northridge - This character loves birds and is said never to be judgmental of others.

Ruth Northridge - This character is flighty in her relationships and marries a homosexual.

Paul Northridge - This character spends much of his youth traveling the world and believes nature can be healing.

Duane Stonehorse - This character has a strong work ethic and loves horses but lives a hard life of alcohol abuse, war, drugs, and pain.

Grandfather Northridge - This character is the descendant of the original Northridge of the family estate.

Rachel or Sparrow Hawk Stonehorse - This character, hired...

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