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Short Answer Questions

1. What in Daisy's action indicates that she does not anticipate doing?

2. What secretly pleases Winterbourne?

3. What is Winterbourne's impression of himself?

4. What about Daisy is most intriguing to Winterbourne?

5. What does Daisy Miller tell Winterbourne about her trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mrs. Costello's admonition to her nephew about Daisy?

2. What behavior on the part of the Millers accentuates the European-American conflict?

3. What is the contradiction in Daisy among the Americans?

4. How does Miller set up a theme of tension between the Americans and the Europeans?

5. Briefly describe the double standard about morality implied in the novel.

6. What is the basis on which the questions of Daisy's innocence is judged?

7. How do even the women of this era accept the double standard of the sexes?

8. What does Winterbourne observe about Daisy and her mother?

9. Relate an example of Daisy's stopping before going too far.

10. What is another clue Winterbourne seems to miss that Daisy is interested in him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on the modern social distinction of money. Use the example of a girl or boy from a wealthy family falling in love with someone from a middle income family. Discuss how such situations may play out.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay on the irony of Mrs. Costello's objection to Daisy's seeing Italian men. Although James does not comment on it, there is an irony that Mrs. Costello has an Italian last name. Discuss how people often condemn in otherw what they accept in themselves.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about style versus fads. Use Daisy Miller as an example of a young woman who has excellent fashion tastes for her day. Give your opinion about good fashion today as opposed to fad dressing and poor taste.

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