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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daisy correspond with Winterbourne?
(a) in a message passed on by her mother
(b) by sending a message with Giovanelli
(c) by waving at him from her window
(d) by inviting him to the Miller's hotel room

2. What does Winterbourne tell Daisy about?
(a) the illness of Mrs. Costello
(b) the joke he played on Mrs. Walker
(c) the rumor of her engagement
(d) the concert he where would like to take her

3. What is Daisy doing, according to Mrs. Costello, that disturbs Winterbourne?
(a) staying out late at night
(b) avoiding the Americans
(c) behaving snobbishly
(d) entertaining men

4. How does Daisy see her flirtations as being?
(a) a serious habit she cannot break
(b) evidence that nothing improper is going on
(c) what is necessary to attract a man
(d) the way a woman gets power over a man

5. What is missing in Daisy that parallels what is missing in the American expatriates?
(a) the ability to make judgments of other people
(b) the ability to see things as they really are
(c) the ability to gossip
(d) the ability to stand up for oneself

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first person Winterbourne goes to visit in Rome?

2. In Book Two, what is Daisy doing?

3. What does Winterbourne learn at Daisy's funeral?

4. What kind of company does Mrs. Costello say Daisy has been keeping?

5. What does Daisy admit to being?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Winterbourne respond to Mrs. Costello?

2. How does Daisy astonish Mrs. Walker that afternoon in her house?

3. Describe Daisy's coquettish behavior that Winterbourne takes the wrong way.

4. How does Winterbourne respond to Mrs. Walker's request that he stop seeing Daisy?

5. What is Winterbourne's ulterior motive in going with Daisy to meet Giovanelli?

6. How does the news about Daisy alter Winterbourne's plans after he arrives in Rome?

7. To solve the problem of Daisy's going alone, how does Winterbourne provide an answer?

8. How does Mrs. Miller show her own naivete regarding Giovanelli?

9. In what way does Daisy turn the tables on Winterbourne when he warns her about Giovanelli?

10. Describe the information Winterbourne receives about Daisy from Mrs. Walker.

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