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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Winterbourne makes a conclusion that Daisy is not an innocent child but a woman with what attribute?
(a) disregard for social propriety
(b) care about what others think of her
(c) unintelligence
(d) willingness to conform to social propriety

2. What renews Winterbourne's interest in Daisy Miller?
(a) when he hears she has broken up with Giovanelli
(b) when he hears she has married Giovanelli
(c) when he learns that she has fallen ill
(d) when he hears she is leaving Rome

3. What does Winterbourne ask Daisy to do?
(a) go on the terrace with him
(b) dance with him
(c) give him her hotel telephone number
(d) stop seeing Giovanelli

4. What has Daisy already noticed Mr. Giovanelli doing?
(a) staring at a carriage full of women
(b) giving her too much flattery
(c) trying to get money from her
(d) pretending that he is Italian royalty

5. Who arrives in a carriage?
(a) Mrs. Walker
(b) Mrs. Miller
(c) Mrs. Giovanelli
(d) Mrs. Costello

6. At the party, what does Daisy seem to prefer?
(a) spending more time with Winterbourne than Giovanelli
(b) talking with the other Americans
(c) showing off her new engagement ring
(d) asking the women where to buy new fashions

7. What request does Daisy make of Mrs. Walker?
(a) to ignore Mr. Winterbourne
(b) to bring a gentleman friend to her party
(c) to tell her where she buys her clothes
(d) to bring her some English tea

8. What does flirtation mean to the American expatriates in Rome?
(a) an assumption of engagement
(b) evidence of immoral behavior
(c) innocent games
(d) evidence of good breeding

9. Who arrives at the house Winterbourne is visiting?
(a) Randolph, looking for sweets
(b) Mrs. Miller, looking for Daisy
(c) Daisy and her family
(d) One of Daisy's Italian gentlemen

10. What does Winterbourne accept as the truth?
(a) the facts
(b) the appearance of things
(c) his observationsa
(d) the things Daisy says

11. What does Winterbourne learn at Daisy's funeral?
(a) that she was married
(b) that she was younger than he thought
(c) that she was mentally unbalanced
(d) that she was innocent

12. Why do Winterbourne's and Daisy's paths gradually stop crossing?
(a) she avoids Winterbourne
(b) their mutual friends stop inviting her places
(c) Daisy travels to Paris
(d) Mrs. Costello insists on it

13. How does Winterbourne defend Daisy?
(a) saying she is just trying to learn the language
(b) saying she is not cultured but not bad
(c) saying she is only naive
(d) saying she is the innocent victim of her beauty

14. What is it that Winterbourne no longer believes in about Daisy?
(a) her sense of style
(b) her innocence
(c) her intelligence
(d) her indiscretion

15. What does Daisy say she intends to do?
(a) to look for new men
(b) to find a local bar
(c) to sit in the garden and read
(d) to stroll and socialize with Mr. Giovanelli

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daisy not see in the Italian men she goes out with?

2. What does Mrs. Costello suggest Daisy might allow herself to do?

3. What does Winterbourne's behavior indicate to Daisy?

4. What do Daisy, Giovanelli, and Winterbourne do in the Pincian Garden?

5. What does Winterbourne do instead of trying to let Daisy know his true feelings?

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