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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mrs. Walker react to Daisy's announcement?
(a) she orders Daisy to remain at her place
(b) she is relieved that someone will meet Daisy
(c) she warns that it is not safe
(d) she seems confused by Daisy's plan

2. Who arrives at the house Winterbourne is visiting?
(a) One of Daisy's Italian gentlemen
(b) Daisy and her family
(c) Randolph, looking for sweets
(d) Mrs. Miller, looking for Daisy

3. Who does Winterbourne warn about Daisy's behavior?
(a) Randolph
(b) Mrs. Miller
(c) Daisy, herself
(d) Mrs. Costello

4. Where does Winterbourne run into Daisy after not seeing her for some time?
(a) in the hotel restaurant
(b) the Palace of the Caesars
(c) at the Colosseum
(d) a sidewalk cafe

5. Why is Daisy miffed at Winterbourne?
(a) he didn't let her know he was coming
(b) he hasn't written to her
(c) he didn't come see her first
(d) he isn't wearning stylish clothes

6. Why does Winterbourne arrive in Rome that winter?
(a) to visit his aunt
(b) to travel on to Spain
(c) to help find a school for Randolf
(d) to see the colosseum

7. When does Winterbourne decide emphatically that Daisy is not a nice girl?
(a) seeing her at the Colosseum with Giovanelli
(b) seeing her enter her hotel at one a. m.
(c) seeing her out with two men at the same time
(d) hiding herself behind her parasol

8. How does Daisy appear when Mrs. Walker refuses to speak to her?
(a) hurt
(b) amused
(c) angry
(d) indifferent

9. How does Daisy respond to all the advice?
(a) she throwns a temper tantrum
(b) she meekly gets into the carriage
(c) she walks away with Giovanelli
(d) she breaks down sobbing

10. A year later back in Vevey what does Winterbourne confess to his aunt?
(a) he had fallen in love with Daisy
(b) he had forgotten what Daisy looked like
(c) he had finally caught Daisy in her lies
(d) he made a mistake with Daisy

11. What does the American community use to punish non-conformists?
(a) ostracism
(b) ridicule
(c) lectures
(d) laughter

12. What comment of Winterbourne's does Daisy find disagreeable?
(a) that she should be ashamed of herself
(b) that Giovanelli is too old for her
(c) that she and Giovanelli are in love
(d) that she cannot see the forest for the trees

13. Who discusses Daisy's exploits but without the disapproving tone of Mrs. Costello?
(a) Mr. Loren
(b) Randolph
(c) Mrs. Miller
(d) Eugenio

14. Seen by Daisy as he is about to leave the Colosseum, what does she accuse Winterbourne of?
(a) spying on her
(b) going away without speaking to her
(c) being a snob like the other Americans
(d) being too afraid to fight for her

15. What does Winterbourne warn Daisy that she is becoming?
(a) unwelcome among the Americans
(b) an old woman
(c) too sophistocated
(d) a typical expatriate

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daisy admit to being?

2. What does Winterbourne learn at Daisy's funeral?

3. Why do Winterbourne's and Daisy's paths gradually stop crossing?

4. What request does Daisy make of Mrs. Walker?

5. What does Winterbourne tell Daisy about?

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