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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Book Two, what is Daisy doing?
(a) bending to the Victorian social mores
(b) looking for an Italian husband
(c) deliberately flaunting the Victorian social mores
(d) trying to teach cultural differences to the Americans

2. How does Daisy see her flirtations as being?
(a) the way a woman gets power over a man
(b) a serious habit she cannot break
(c) what is necessary to attract a man
(d) evidence that nothing improper is going on

3. How does Winterbourne defend Daisy?
(a) saying she is only naive
(b) saying she is the innocent victim of her beauty
(c) saying she is not cultured but not bad
(d) saying she is just trying to learn the language

4. What does the American community use to punish non-conformists?
(a) ostracism
(b) laughter
(c) lectures
(d) ridicule

5. More so in Rome, what is the central theme of the novel?
(a) appearance versus reality
(b) the mystery of Daisy
(c) outrageous behavior
(d) gossip

6. When does Winterbourne decide emphatically that Daisy is not a nice girl?
(a) seeing her out with two men at the same time
(b) seeing her enter her hotel at one a. m.
(c) seeing her at the Colosseum with Giovanelli
(d) hiding herself behind her parasol

7. At the funeral, what does Giovanelli proclaim about Daisy?
(a) her innocence
(b) her secret marriage to him
(c) her lustfulness
(d) her love for Winterbourne

8. Who arrives in a carriage?
(a) Mrs. Walker
(b) Mrs. Costello
(c) Mrs. Giovanelli
(d) Mrs. Miller

9. At what point does Winterbourne begin to doubt Daisy's innocence?
(a) when the parasol hides them from him
(b) when Daisy is not in her hotel room
(c) when Daisy refuses to get in the carriage
(d) when Daisy walks out Mrs. Walker's door

10. A few days later at Mrs. Walker's party, how does Daisy show up?
(a) under dressed
(b) with to many jewels
(c) with Giovanelli
(d) over dressed

11. What does Winterbourne tell Daisy about?
(a) the rumor of her engagement
(b) the illness of Mrs. Costello
(c) the concert he where would like to take her
(d) the joke he played on Mrs. Walker

12. In Book One, how might Daisy be viewed?
(a) as learning how to test a foreign society
(b) as purely innocent but finding excitement
(c) as merely testing the social restrictions in Vevey
(d) as a proper girl misunderstood by the Americans

13. What does Daisy admit to being?
(a) older than she looks
(b) an uncultured American girl
(c) a fearful, frightful flirt
(d) a devoute Christian

14. How do people like Mrs. Costello often make judgments of others?
(a) based on observation
(b) based on the facts
(c) based on the Bible
(d) based on gossip

15. Seen by Daisy as he is about to leave the Colosseum, what does she accuse Winterbourne of?
(a) spying on her
(b) going away without speaking to her
(c) being too afraid to fight for her
(d) being a snob like the other Americans

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the rumors about what Winterbourne is pursuing in Geneva?

2. Where does Winterbourne next see Giovanelli?

3. When Winterbourne goes looking for Daisy and Giovanelli in the park, what does Daisy do when she spots him?

4. When have Italian men been calling for Daisy at her hotel?

5. Who does Winterbourne suggest will misinterpret Daisy's activities?

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