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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What indicates that Winterbourne is actually eager to see Daisy?
(a) he doesn't talk about her with Mrs. Costello
(b) he tries to appear eager to please Daisy
(c) he looks her up first when he gets to Rome
(d) he skipped Bologna and Florence on his way to Rome

2. How does Daisy respond to all the advice?
(a) she walks away with Giovanelli
(b) she breaks down sobbing
(c) she throwns a temper tantrum
(d) she meekly gets into the carriage

3. At what time does Winterbourne run into Daisy and Giovanelli again at the Colosseum a week later?
(a) near midnight
(b) at five in the afternoon
(c) at two in the morning
(d) about seven-thirty

4. What is a further danger at night in the Colosseum?
(a) mosquitoes
(b) the police
(c) muggers
(d) pitfalls

5. How does Daisy appear when Mrs. Walker refuses to speak to her?
(a) angry
(b) indifferent
(c) hurt
(d) amused

6. What are the rumors about what Winterbourne is pursuing in Geneva?
(a) acceptance into a monastery
(b) a new career
(c) a clever foreign lady
(d) a life of regret

7. How does Daisy correspond with Winterbourne?
(a) in a message passed on by her mother
(b) by sending a message with Giovanelli
(c) by waving at him from her window
(d) by inviting him to the Miller's hotel room

8. What disease is believed to be cause by night air?
(a) cancer
(b) malaria
(c) heart failure
(d) arthritis

9. What is missing in Daisy that parallels what is missing in the American expatriates?
(a) the ability to see things as they really are
(b) the ability to gossip
(c) the ability to stand up for oneself
(d) the ability to make judgments of other people

10. How do people like Mrs. Costello often make judgments of others?
(a) based on the Bible
(b) based on the facts
(c) based on observation
(d) based on gossip

11. What request does Daisy make of Mrs. Walker?
(a) to ignore Mr. Winterbourne
(b) to bring a gentleman friend to her party
(c) to tell her where she buys her clothes
(d) to bring her some English tea

12. What does flirtation mean to the American expatriates in Rome?
(a) innocent games
(b) an assumption of engagement
(c) evidence of good breeding
(d) evidence of immoral behavior

13. Who does Winterbourne warn about Daisy's behavior?
(a) Mrs. Costello
(b) Daisy, herself
(c) Randolph
(d) Mrs. Miller

14. Who does Mrs. Costello say has a good deal of manner and a wonderful mustache?
(a) Winterbourne
(b) Mr. Miller
(c) the men Daisy has been seeing
(d) Randolph

15. What does Daisy ask if Winterbourne remembers?
(a) the sugar he gave to Randolf
(b) the day they walked in the garden
(c) the trip to the Chillon Castle
(d) the way she dressed for the steamer trip

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first person Winterbourne goes to visit in Rome?

2. What does Winterbourne agree that Daisy should do?

3. When Winterbourne goes looking for Daisy and Giovanelli in the park, what does Daisy do when she spots him?

4. What is the era the navel DAISY MILLER takes place in?

5. What does Mrs. Walker tell Mr. Winterbourne?

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