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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit of Randolph's is a great worry to his mother and Daisy?
(a) he will only listen to the courier
(b) he doesn't sleep
(c) he goes around breaking things
(d) he talks too much

2. What is symbolized by the ruins of the Chillon Castle?
(a) the inferiority of Europeans
(b) Europe's cultural heritage
(c) the decay of Europe
(d) Europe's immobile economy

3. What does Daisy say about his grin?
(a) he's not laughing with his eyes
(b) he's turned it upside down
(c) he looks like he ate the canary
(d) his ears are very near together

4. What is Winterbourne's impression of himself?
(a) waiting for her to speak first
(b) interested in the direction of the castle
(c) grinning from ear to ear
(d) embarrassed to be with her

5. What secretly pleases Winterbourne?
(a) that she makes such a spectacle of herself
(b) that people look at how pretty she is
(c) that she doesn't look at any men
(d) that no men try to speak to her

6. Under other circumstances, what might make Daisy acceptable to European society?
(a) her willingness to give generously and her appearance
(b) her financial situation and the fact that she dresses in perfection
(c) her education and the fact that she is beautiful
(d) her good taste in clothes and her descrition about men

7. What bothers Winterbourne about Daisy's attitude toward the courier?
(a) the condescension
(b) the familiarity
(c) the formality
(d) the antagonism

8. What seems to disappoint Daisy?
(a) that Winterbourne keeps his mouth shut
(b) that Winterbourne walks away
(c) that Winterbourne throws a tantrum
(d) that Winterbourne doesn't make a fuss

9. How does Henry James describe Mrs. Miller?
(a) small and spare with a wandering eye
(b) overweight with a prominent nose
(c) hawk-like and narrow of forehead
(d) large and elegant

10. What is Winterbourne's reason for being attracted to Daisy?
(a) she has no morals whatsoever
(b) she is wonderfully pretty
(c) she is an excellent conversationalist
(d) she is obviously a rich girl

11. What has Mrs. Costello done after seeing the Millers in the hotel?
(a) had a migraine headache
(b) sent them an invitation to tea
(c) introduced herself
(d) kept out of their way

12. What is a young American named Winterbourne doing in Vevey, Switzerland?
(a) visiting his aunt
(b) taking the hot baths
(c) going to school
(d) writing a book

13. Why does Mrs. Costello say about meeting Daisy Miller?
(a) that the girl is too young to meet her
(b) that the girl is common and thus not fit company
(c) that the girl is old enough to take care of herself
(d) that the girl should invite her mother along

14. What do the Millers do with Eugenio that the Europeans do not understand?
(a) pay him too much
(b) treat him as family
(c) never take his advice
(d) let him stay in their hotel room

15. Why is Winterbourne a bit uncomfortable waiting for Daisy?
(a) maybe she won't come
(b) he feels over dressed
(c) everyone can see them meet
(d) his aunt might come down

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Costello see Daisy?

2. Where does Winterbourne wait for Daisy to join him for the trip to the castle?

3. Who does Winterbourne meet outside the hotel?

4. What does Daisy say she has always had?

5. What does Winterbourne conclude when he thinks he can spend time alone with Daisy?

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