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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Mrs. Costello and the Europeans not need physical proof of Daisy's indiscretions?
(a) she appears to be pregnant
(b) the gossip is enough to brand her as immoral
(c) she tells on herself
(d) what she does in plain view is easy to tell what she does in private

2. What happens when Daisy goes out alone with gentlemen?
(a) no one really notices
(b) everyone thinks it's only an American custom
(c) people follow her to see what she's doing
(d) doubt is cast on her character

3. In Mrs. Costello's opinion, what may well-bred young ladies not do?
(a) wear the latest fashions
(b) consort with strange men without an escort
(c) travel with a courier
(d) speak before spoken to

4. How much time passes between Winterbourne's first meeting Daisy and their trip to the castle?
(a) one day
(b) a fortnight
(c) two days
(d) a week

5. What does Winterbourne offer to do to show his good intentions?
(a) hire a chaperon
(b) to introduce Daisy to his aunt
(c) leave a security deposit
(d) take the little brother along

6. Why does Daisy think they send all the pretty dresses from France to America?
(a) there are no dress shops in Europe
(b) the ones in Europe are frightful
(c) they don't wear dresses in Europe
(d) only Americans can afford them

7. What does Eugenio suggest to Daisy?
(a) that she go fetch another shawl
(b) that she wear a life jacket
(c) that she make up her own mind
(d) that she not go out on a boat

8. What does Winterbourne say his function is for the trip to Chillon Castle?
(a) baggage handler
(b) driver
(c) guide
(d) chaperon

9. What does Daisy suspect about Winterbourne's return to Geneva?
(a) he likes to break hearts
(b) he wants to get away from her
(c) he has a girlfriend there
(d) he's bored with her company

10. Why does Winterbourne offer his arm to Daisy?
(a) to escort her to the boat landing
(b) to escort her to the concierge
(c) to escort her to her room
(d) to escort her to his aunt's room

11. What is Winterbourne's impression of himself?
(a) grinning from ear to ear
(b) embarrassed to be with her
(c) interested in the direction of the castle
(d) waiting for her to speak first

12. Under other circumstances, what might make Daisy acceptable to European society?
(a) her willingness to give generously and her appearance
(b) her good taste in clothes and her descrition about men
(c) her financial situation and the fact that she dresses in perfection
(d) her education and the fact that she is beautiful

13. What does Daisy accuse Winterbourne of?
(a) being superior
(b) being jealous
(c) being grave
(d) being silent

14. Where does Winterbourne wait for Daisy to join him for the trip to the castle?
(a) in the hotel dining room
(b) out in front of the hotel
(c) the garden in back of the hotel
(d) the large hall of the hotel

15. What does Daisy accuse her mother of doing?
(a) looking for gentlemen
(b) hiding from Randolph
(c) making a scene
(d) poking around

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do they meet where he is waiting?

2. Who speaks from out of the shadows?

3. What do the Millers do with Eugenio that the Europeans do not understand?

4. What is a central clash in the novel?

5. Why is Winterbourne a bit uncomfortable waiting for Daisy?

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