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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daisy say about his grin?
(a) he's not laughing with his eyes
(b) his ears are very near together
(c) he looks like he ate the canary
(d) he's turned it upside down

2. What does Daisy ask Winterbourne if he would do?
(a) drive her to Geneva
(b) take her out dancing
(c) take her out in a boat
(d) stop talking to her mother

3. What feeling does Winterbourne have as he watches Daisy descend the stairs?
(a) as if something dreadful is about to happen
(b) as if he cannot move his feet
(c) as if he has made a mistake
(d) as if something romantic is going on

4. What is the opinion of the locals and certain hotel guests about the Millers?
(a) they are too hard to get to know
(b) they are polished and too superior for the locals
(c) they are accepted because of their money
(d) they are brash, uneducated, and uncultivated

5. What circumstance about Winterbourne does Mrs. Costello think makes him naive about girls like Daisy?
(a) his moving only in the best society
(b) his weakness for anything that wears a skirt
(c) his limited education in Europe
(d) his being away from America for a long time

6. What does Daisy represent in the novel?
(a) heartlessness
(b) innocence or the appearance of it
(c) American madness
(d) the power of money

7. Given the chance to row off in the night with Winterbourne, what action indicates Daisy might not be as loose as people think?
(a) she kisses Winterbourne on the mouth and walks off
(b) she opts to return to the hotel with her family
(c) she decides she would rather they all go in and eat
(d) she refuses to make up her mind

8. What are all the people doing as they pass out of the great hall?
(a) trying to get out the door
(b) looking very hard
(c) talking about the weather
(d) minding their own business

9. What is symbolized by the ruins of the Chillon Castle?
(a) Europe's cultural heritage
(b) the decay of Europe
(c) Europe's immobile economy
(d) the inferiority of Europeans

10. What does Eugenio suggest to Daisy?
(a) that she not go out on a boat
(b) that she make up her own mind
(c) that she go fetch another shawl
(d) that she wear a life jacket

11. What habit of Randolph's is a great worry to his mother and Daisy?
(a) he will only listen to the courier
(b) he talks too much
(c) he doesn't sleep
(d) he goes around breaking things

12. What is a central clash in the novel?
(a) American versus European culture
(b) youth versus age
(c) style versus garrishness
(d) men versus women

13. Why does Winterbourne offer his arm to Daisy?
(a) to escort her to the concierge
(b) to escort her to his aunt's room
(c) to escort her to the boat landing
(d) to escort her to her room

14. How does Winterbourne want to travel to the castle?
(a) by bicycle
(b) in a carriage
(c) in a motor car
(d) in a row boat

15. What does Winterbourne conclude when he thinks he can spend time alone with Daisy?
(a) that Daisy is teasing him and it will never happen
(b) that Daisy is too innocent to know what she's doing
(c) that Daisy's mother will relent and go with them
(d) that Daisy is not as innocent as she looks

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Daisy react to his departure news?

2. What in Daisy's action indicates that she does not anticipate doing?

3. How does Eugenio react on hearing that Daisy is going to Chillon Castle with Winterbourne?

4. What is Winterbourne's frame of mind as Daisy goes inside?

5. What could Daisy not say when introducing Winterbourne to her mother?

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