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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Winterbourne say his function is for the trip to Chillon Castle?
(a) driver
(b) guide
(c) chaperon
(d) baggage handler

2. What does Daisy do inside the castle?
(a) continues to berate Winterbourne
(b) flirts with all the men
(c) ignores Winterbourne
(d) slips away and return to the hotel

3. What does Daisy say she hopes Winterbourne feels as she goes inside with her mother?
(a) angry, insulted, or back handed
(b) impatience, grief, or confusion
(c) relieved, happy, or over joyed
(d) disappointed, or disgusted, or something

4. Why is Winterbourne a bit uncomfortable waiting for Daisy?
(a) maybe she won't come
(b) everyone can see them meet
(c) his aunt might come down
(d) he feels over dressed

5. What in Daisy's action indicates that she does not anticipate doing?
(a) anything moral
(b) anything wrong
(c) anything secret
(d) anything non controversial

6. Where does Winterbourne wait for Daisy to join him for the trip to the castle?
(a) the garden in back of the hotel
(b) the large hall of the hotel
(c) in the hotel dining room
(d) out in front of the hotel

7. What shocks Mrs. Costello when Winterbourne tells her where he was all afternoon?
(a) that the courier stayed out of sight
(b) that he was alone with Daisy
(c) that Mrs. Miller went with them on the steamer
(d) that he nearly fell from the steamer

8. What surprises Winterbourne during the discussion about Chillon with Daisy's mother?
(a) suggesting that she accompany them
(b) suggesting that Daisy should not go
(c) suggesting that Randolph go with them
(d) suggesting that Daisy go alone

9. How does Mrs. Costello epitomize the double standard of the day when her nephew tells her about his outing with Daisy?
(a) she accuses her nephew of corrupting a girl
(b) she tells her nephew to do his work in secret
(c) she tells her nephew he cannot come to see her again
(d) she assigns guilt to Daisy

10. What has Mrs. Costello done after seeing the Millers in the hotel?
(a) sent them an invitation to tea
(b) had a migraine headache
(c) introduced herself
(d) kept out of their way

11. What do the Millers do with Eugenio that the Europeans do not understand?
(a) never take his advice
(b) pay him too much
(c) treat him as family
(d) let him stay in their hotel room

12. What is the opinion of the locals and certain hotel guests about the Millers?
(a) they are too hard to get to know
(b) they are polished and too superior for the locals
(c) they are accepted because of their money
(d) they are brash, uneducated, and uncultivated

13. What are all the people doing as they pass out of the great hall?
(a) trying to get out the door
(b) looking very hard
(c) talking about the weather
(d) minding their own business

14. How is Daisy dressed as she comes down the stairs?
(a) in an elegant traveling costume
(b) in jeans and a T-shirt
(c) in a pair of pants and a blouse
(d) in a revealing sun dress

15. What is Daisy's brother's addiction?
(a) hamburgers
(b) German beer
(c) cheese
(d) sweets

Short Answer Questions

1. What habit does Daisy have that is different from European girls?

2. Why does Daisy think they send all the pretty dresses from France to America?

3. What does Winterbourne say he was doing while not talking with Daisy?

4. When does Winterbourne say he must return to Geneva?

5. What about Daisy is most intriguing to Winterbourne?

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