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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bargain does Daisy strike to stop teasing Winterbourne?
(a) that he take her dancing that evening
(b) that he return to the hotel before she leaves for Rome
(c) that he write letters to her from Geneva
(d) that he come see her in Rome

2. What is the mystery of the novel?
(a) where Mr. Miller is
(b) the truth about Daisy's innocence
(c) where Daisy was born
(d) who the woman in Geneva is

3. What does Eugenio suggest to Daisy?
(a) that she go fetch another shawl
(b) that she wear a life jacket
(c) that she not go out on a boat
(d) that she make up her own mind

4. Who does Winterbourne warn about Daisy's behavior?
(a) Mrs. Costello
(b) Mrs. Miller
(c) Randolph
(d) Daisy, herself

5. What about Daisy is most intriguing to Winterbourne?
(a) the mystery of her character
(b) the mystery of her wealth
(c) the cut of her clothes
(d) the way she walks

Short Answer Questions

1. What in Daisy's action indicates that she does not anticipate doing?

2. Why do Mrs. Costello and the Europeans not need physical proof of Daisy's indiscretions?

3. What does Daisy say she hopes Winterbourne feels as she goes inside with her mother?

4. When does Winterbourne decide emphatically that Daisy is not a nice girl?

5. What does Miss Featherstone ask Daisy about Americans?

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