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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit does Daisy have that is different from European girls?
(a) she laughs loudly and calls attention to herself
(b) she holds her nose in the air and is unfriendly
(c) she looks people directly in the eye without blushing
(d) she keeps her eyes down and never looks at anyone

2. What does Daisy say she hopes Winterbourne feels as she goes inside with her mother?
(a) angry, insulted, or back handed
(b) disappointed, or disgusted, or something
(c) relieved, happy, or over joyed
(d) impatience, grief, or confusion

3. What does Winterbourne volunteer to do?
(a) walk with Daisy to her rendezvous
(b) hold the door open for Daisy to exit
(c) call on Daisy the next day
(d) find Daisy a carriage

4. What does Miss Featherstone ask Daisy about Americans?
(a) if they eat hotdogs for breakfast
(b) if they have schools
(c) if they all live in hotels
(d) if they are all rich

5. What is Daisy's younger brother's name?
(a) Randolph C. Miller
(b) Rudolph G. Miller
(c) Randolph G. Miller
(d) Rudolph C. Miller

Short Answer Questions

1. What resolve does Winterbourne make about Daisy's meeting with Giovanelli?

2. What kind of company does Mrs. Costello say Daisy has been keeping?

3. In Mrs. Costello's opinion, what may well-bred young ladies not do?

4. After the message is delivered to Winterbourne, what happens to Daisy?

5. What does Daisy ask Winterbourne if he would do?

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