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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Winterbourne's behavior indicate to Daisy?
(a) that he is not interested
(b) that he is interested in her money
(c) that he hates the Italians
(d) that he wants to marry her

2. How does Mrs. Walker react to Daisy's announcement?
(a) she orders Daisy to remain at her place
(b) she seems confused by Daisy's plan
(c) she is relieved that someone will meet Daisy
(d) she warns that it is not safe

3. What does Daisy accuse her mother of doing?
(a) making a scene
(b) looking for gentlemen
(c) hiding from Randolph
(d) poking around

4. What was Mrs. Miller unable to do?
(a) get Eugenio to order tea
(b) walk up the stairs
(c) put Randolph to bed
(d) straighten her shawl

5. Who arrives in a carriage?
(a) Mrs. Miller
(b) Mrs. Giovanelli
(c) Mrs. Walker
(d) Mrs. Costello

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Costello epitomize the double standard of the day when her nephew tells her about his outing with Daisy?

2. In Book Two, what is Daisy doing?

3. What is the irony of Mrs. Costello's attitude?

4. Where does Daisy's brother say his father is?

5. A few days later at Mrs. Walker's party, how does Daisy show up?

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