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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daisy react to his departure news?
(a) she doesn't respond
(b) she laughs at him
(c) she's happy to see him go
(d) she thinks he's horrid

2. How does Daisy want to go?
(a) by bicycle
(b) on foot
(c) by steamer
(d) in a motor car

3. What is Winterbourne's impression of himself?
(a) waiting for her to speak first
(b) interested in the direction of the castle
(c) embarrassed to be with her
(d) grinning from ear to ear

4. How does Winterbourne want to travel to the castle?
(a) in a motor car
(b) in a row boat
(c) in a carriage
(d) by bicycle

5. Where does Daisy's brother say his father is?
(a) a better place than Europe
(b) upstairs in their hotel room
(c) doing buisness in Rome
(d) in California, USA

Short Answer Questions

1. What indicates that Winterbourne is actually eager to see Daisy?

2. In Mrs. Costello's opinion, what may well-bred young ladies not do?

3. How does Daisy respond to all the advice?

4. What in Daisy's action indicates that she does not anticipate doing?

5. Who does Winterbourne warn about Daisy's behavior?

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