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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit of Randolph's is a great worry to his mother and Daisy?
(a) he goes around breaking things
(b) he will only listen to the courier
(c) he talks too much
(d) he doesn't sleep

2. What does Daisy suspect about Winterbourne's return to Geneva?
(a) he likes to break hearts
(b) he wants to get away from her
(c) he has a girlfriend there
(d) he's bored with her company

3. What appears to be a double standard involving Winterbourne and his judgment of Daisy's morals?
(a) his attitude toward servants
(b) his eye for all the pretty ladies
(c) his pursuit of her although thinking her coarse
(d) his own relationship in Geneva

4. What feeling does Winterbourne have as he watches Daisy descend the stairs?
(a) as if something dreadful is about to happen
(b) as if something romantic is going on
(c) as if he cannot move his feet
(d) as if he has made a mistake

5. Why does Mrs. Costello say about meeting Daisy Miller?
(a) that the girl is common and thus not fit company
(b) that the girl is old enough to take care of herself
(c) that the girl should invite her mother along
(d) that the girl is too young to meet her

Short Answer Questions

1. What habit does Daisy have that is different from European girls?

2. What does Daisy realize from Winterbourne's excuses about his aunt?

3. How does Daisy speak to her mother, the servant, and perfect strangers?

4. What secretly pleases Winterbourne?

5. What bothers Winterbourne about Daisy's attitude toward the courier?

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