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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Mrs. Costello's opinion, what may well-bred young ladies not do?
(a) travel with a courier
(b) speak before spoken to
(c) wear the latest fashions
(d) consort with strange men without an escort

2. Why does Vevey appear to be more relaxed in social values than in other parts of Europe?
(a) because of its higher level of education
(b) because of its tolerant religion
(c) because of its international flavor
(d) because of its isolation

3. What is the irony of Mrs. Costello's attitude?
(a) she judges Daisy without ever having met her
(b) she was once just like Daisy before she married
(c) she is American, too, and her grandaughters are like Daisy
(d) she is looked down on by Europeans herself

4. What feeling does Winterbourne have as he watches Daisy descend the stairs?
(a) as if something dreadful is about to happen
(b) as if he cannot move his feet
(c) as if something romantic is going on
(d) as if he has made a mistake

5. How is Daisy dressed as she comes down the stairs?
(a) in jeans and a T-shirt
(b) in a revealing sun dress
(c) in an elegant traveling costume
(d) in a pair of pants and a blouse

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Millers do with Eugenio that the Europeans do not understand?

2. What is symbolized by the ruins of the Chillon Castle?

3. What secretly pleases Winterbourne?

4. What does Winterbourne say his function is for the trip to Chillon Castle?

5. What does Miss Featherstone ask Daisy about Americans?

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