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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daisy realize from Winterbourne's excuses about his aunt?
(a) that she is very ill
(b) that he has not spoken to his aunt
(c) that she doesn't want to meet Daisy
(d) that he doesn't really have an aunt in the hotel

2. What theme of the novel runs through much of Henry James' novels?
(a) age against youth
(b) war and peace
(c) money and society
(d) tension between the Americans and the Europeans

3. What does Winterbourne say he was doing while not talking with Daisy?
(a) trying to think of something interesting to say
(b) having a pleasant conversation with her mother
(c) looking for a boat to hire
(d) checking to see when the next steamer leaves for Chillon

4. What appears to be a double standard involving Winterbourne and his judgment of Daisy's morals?
(a) his own relationship in Geneva
(b) his eye for all the pretty ladies
(c) his pursuit of her although thinking her coarse
(d) his attitude toward servants

5. What bargain does Daisy strike to stop teasing Winterbourne?
(a) that he write letters to her from Geneva
(b) that he return to the hotel before she leaves for Rome
(c) that he take her dancing that evening
(d) that he come see her in Rome

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Winterbourne offer his arm to Daisy?

2. What does Daisy say her mother doesn't like?

3. What about Daisy is most intriguing to Winterbourne?

4. What circumstance about Winterbourne does Mrs. Costello think makes him naive about girls like Daisy?

5. What does not seem to concern Winterbourne?

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