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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Featherstone ask Daisy about Americans?
(a) if they eat hotdogs for breakfast
(b) if they have schools
(c) if they are all rich
(d) if they all live in hotels

2. What is Winterbourne's frame of mind as Daisy goes inside?
(a) relieved
(b) puzzled
(c) bitter
(d) amused

3. What does Daisy accuse Winterbourne of?
(a) being grave
(b) being silent
(c) being superior
(d) being jealous

4. What is Winterbourne's impression of himself?
(a) embarrassed to be with her
(b) grinning from ear to ear
(c) waiting for her to speak first
(d) interested in the direction of the castle

5. How does Mrs. Costello see Daisy?
(a) as stupid and unstylish
(b) as coarse and a flirt
(c) as a gold digger
(d) as arrogant

Short Answer Questions

1. What secretly pleases Winterbourne?

2. What is symbolized by the ruins of the Chillon Castle?

3. What does Winterbourne conclude he would deucedly enjoy?

4. What does not seem to concern Winterbourne?

5. How does Winterbourne want to travel to the castle?

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