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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Daisy dressed as she comes down the stairs?
(a) in a revealing sun dress
(b) in an elegant traveling costume
(c) in jeans and a T-shirt
(d) in a pair of pants and a blouse

2. Where does Daisy's brother say his father is?
(a) doing buisness in Rome
(b) a better place than Europe
(c) upstairs in their hotel room
(d) in California, USA

3. What do the Millers do with Eugenio that the Europeans do not understand?
(a) treat him as family
(b) let him stay in their hotel room
(c) pay him too much
(d) never take his advice

4. What does Daisy say her mother doesn't like?
(a) traveling in Europe
(b) wearing a shawl
(c) eathing Swiss food
(d) any of her gentleman friends

5. What is the irony of Mrs. Costello's attitude?
(a) she was once just like Daisy before she married
(b) she is looked down on by Europeans herself
(c) she judges Daisy without ever having met her
(d) she is American, too, and her grandaughters are like Daisy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daisy do inside the castle?

2. Why do Mrs. Costello and the Europeans not need physical proof of Daisy's indiscretions?

3. Given the chance to row off in the night with Winterbourne, what action indicates Daisy might not be as loose as people think?

4. When does Winterbourne say he must return to Geneva?

5. Why does Vevey appear to be more relaxed in social values than in other parts of Europe?

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