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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Winterbourne meet outside the hotel?
(a) the Miller family of Schenectady, New York
(b) friends of his from his school days
(c) his aunt's frequent gentleman caller
(d) a tour group from America

2. How does Daisy speak to her mother, the servant, and perfect strangers?
(a) with a lot of curiosity
(b) with a shocking bluntness
(c) with a very loud voice
(d) with a kind of sweetness

3. How does Daisy seem to Winterbourne during the trip?
(a) a mixture of elegance and rustic behavior
(b) a mixture of sophistication and barbarianism
(c) a mixture of innocence and crudity
(d) a mixture of youth and old age

4. What is the opinion of the locals and certain hotel guests about the Millers?
(a) they are brash, uneducated, and uncultivated
(b) they are accepted because of their money
(c) they are polished and too superior for the locals
(d) they are too hard to get to know

5. How does Mrs. Costello see Daisy?
(a) as coarse and a flirt
(b) as a gold digger
(c) as stupid and unstylish
(d) as arrogant

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Winterbourne feel about the sail to the castle?

2. What does Daisy say she hopes Winterbourne feels as she goes inside with her mother?

3. What circumstance about Winterbourne does Mrs. Costello think makes him naive about girls like Daisy?

4. Under what pretense does Daisy not want him to come to Rome?

5. Why will it be easy for Winterbourne to visit Daisy in Rome?

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