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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Given the chance to row off in the night with Winterbourne, what action indicates Daisy might not be as loose as people think?
(a) she refuses to make up her mind
(b) she opts to return to the hotel with her family
(c) she decides she would rather they all go in and eat
(d) she kisses Winterbourne on the mouth and walks off

2. A year later back in Vevey what does Winterbourne confess to his aunt?
(a) he had forgotten what Daisy looked like
(b) he had fallen in love with Daisy
(c) he made a mistake with Daisy
(d) he had finally caught Daisy in her lies

3. Why do they meet where he is waiting?
(a) Daisy made the arrangement
(b) Randolph hates the main hall
(c) he cannot go up to her room
(d) Daisy's mother is in the back garden

4. What does Daisy Miller tell Winterbourne about her trip?
(a) the problem she has meeting men
(b) all the bad experiences she has had
(c) the different kinds of weather she has seen
(d) all the good shopping since being in Europe

5. Where does Winterbourne next see Giovanelli?
(a) sitting alone in the park
(b) at Daisy's funeral
(c) on the train to Switzerland
(d) walking with another American girl

Short Answer Questions

1. What resolve does Winterbourne make about Daisy's meeting with Giovanelli?

2. What does Daisy do inside the castle?

3. What does Daisy say is a disagreeable thing for Winterbourne today?

4. Why will it be easy for Winterbourne to visit Daisy in Rome?

5. At the Colosseum, what does Winterbourne give Daisy over to?

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