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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do they meet where he is waiting?
(a) Daisy made the arrangement
(b) he cannot go up to her room
(c) Daisy's mother is in the back garden
(d) Randolph hates the main hall

2. How does Daisy react to his departure news?
(a) she laughs at him
(b) she thinks he's horrid
(c) she doesn't respond
(d) she's happy to see him go

3. What does Daisy realize from Winterbourne's excuses about his aunt?
(a) that he doesn't really have an aunt in the hotel
(b) that she is very ill
(c) that he has not spoken to his aunt
(d) that she doesn't want to meet Daisy

4. Who does Winterbourne suggest will misinterpret Daisy's activities?
(a) the children
(b) the religious
(c) the locals
(d) the Americans

5. What does Daisy admit to being?
(a) a fearful, frightful flirt
(b) an uncultured American girl
(c) older than she looks
(d) a devoute Christian

Short Answer Questions

1. At what time does Winterbourne run into Daisy and Giovanelli again at the Colosseum a week later?

2. What is Daisy's brother's addiction?

3. What does Daisy say about his grin?

4. What does Winterbourne say his function is for the trip to Chillon Castle?

5. Who does Mrs. Costello say has a good deal of manner and a wonderful mustache?

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