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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


Part 1

The student will be able to define the Victorian era of the mid 1800s.

The student will be able to make an initial assessment of the character of Winterbourne.


Classroom activity:

1. Teacher lecture on the Victorian era ideas of morality and social propriety. Include the European disdain for the nouveau riche Americans from a

country that is not even 100-years-old. Explain the irony of expatriate Americans' snobbery toward American tourists and the hypocrisy of making

judgments based on appearances rather than facts.

2. Open the floor to discussion as to how the Victorian era influence remains alive in some segments of modern American society.

3. Begin a preliminary analysis of Winterbourne as a rather snobbish young man torn between social mores and his own natural desires.

4. Elicit ideas from the class about proper behavior then and now by speculating how people today would view Winterbourne.


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