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An American in his late twenties and a long-time resident of Geneva who meets the title character on a visit to Vevey.

Daisy Miller

A young American from New York traveling to Europe with her mother and younger brother.

Mrs. Miller

A nervous matron traveling alone with her two children, with only the help of their courier, Eugenio, to keep them out of trouble.

Randolph Miller

Daisy's nine-year-old brother is assertive, headstrong, and in many ways a typical American child rampaging across Europe but not appreciating it.

Mrs. Costello

Winterbourne's aunt who has spent enough time in Europe to identify with its customs and social conventions.

Mrs. Walker

Another wealthy expatriate American, she resides in Rome and is friends with both the Miller family and Winterbourne.

Mr. Giovanelli

A handsome, shady Italian who befriends Daisy in Rome. Daisy is with him so often that rumors quickly circulate...

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