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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Drumm says that Da may have been ignorant but ______________________.
(a) he was kind.
(b) he was a good man.
(c) he was loving.
(d) he was happy.

2. What happened to the sunglasses given to Da?
(a) They were cracked.
(b) They were lost.
(c) They were melted.
(d) They were stepped on.

3. Which of the following does Young Charlie not tell Charlie?
(a) He had hoped he would become something more.
(b) He should get remarried.
(c) Young Charlie never needed to drink.
(d) Adult Charlie has no life left in him.

4. Why is Mother in such a good mood in this memory?
(a) She got some beautiful cabbages at the market.
(b) She had run into an old friend.
(c) She bought a new dress.
(d) She got a letter from her sister.

5. Where had Da gotten the money he left for Charlie?
(a) Charlie had sent it to him.
(b) He had a part time job.
(c) He saved his pension.
(d) He saved the Master's legacy money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Charlie complains that Da gave and gave but would not ______________.

2. Why is Charlie going away?

3. What does Charlie call Da when he offers Charlie a handkerchief?

4. Which of the following does Da ask Charlie, whom he thinks is Mother's father?

5. In his final days, Da talked to Charlie as though Charlie were ___________________.

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