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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Drumm think Young Charlie should be sent away?
(a) There aren't a lot of jobs available in Ireland.
(b) He is too bright not to continue his education.
(c) There are more opportunities in a bigger country.
(d) International travel is character building.

2. Mother claimed that Da made a __________ out of Young Charlie.
(a) man.
(b) show.
(c) sissy.
(d) fool.

3. How long has it been since Charlie and Oliver have seen each other?
(a) 10 years.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 15 years.
(d) 6 months.

4. What does Charlie say that Da had been for all of Charlie's life?
(a) A millstone.
(b) A nuisance.
(c) A blessing.
(d) A real inspiration.

5. What is Charlie's tone as he listens to his Mother speak about him?
(a) Skeptical.
(b) Loving.
(c) Amused.
(d) Cynical.

Short Answer Questions

1. Da appears and says that if there were room in his grave, he would _____________________.

2. Who is the main character of DA?

3. Which of the following does Drumm not say about Da?

4. Drumm's visit with Young Charlie is essentially _____________________.

5. In what country does DA take place?

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