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Short Answer Questions

1. Which German commander is faulted for the Allies taking Omaha Beach?

2. The 5th Ranger Battalion sets up its command post outside of __________.

3. Which German commander is wounded by shrapnel and taken aboard an Allied medical ship?

4. What poet does Ambrose quote on the last page of the book?

5. What does the 12th Infantry, 8th Regiment worry about more than snipers as they try to meet up with the 82nd Airborne?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does World War II dramatically change the lives of women on the home front?

2. How do the warships contribute to D-Day?

3. How is the situation with the wounded on D-Day unique in military history?

4. What are the Allies' mistakes during D-Day?

5. What do Americans criticize the British for after the events of D-Day are analyzed?

6. What happens when a signalman mistakenly thinks the Vierville steeple is an observation point?

7. Why do the Germans surrender Utah beach?

8. Why do the Rangers of the 116th A Company quickly lose their cockiness as they approach Omaha Beach?

9. How does "Rangers Lead the Way" become an official motto?

10. Who are the POWs that the 2nd Battalion, 16th Regiment see being lead toward them at first light?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the enormous task of committing this historical day to the page. What effect is created with the divisions of chapters? Where do the chapter titles originate? What is the overall effect for the reader created by Ambrose?

Essay Topic 2

It is said that the war was won with British brains and American brawn. What are the differences between the armed forces of the two countries and how do their strengths and weaknesses contribute to victory?

Essay Topic 3

Ernie Pyle wrote in 1944: "In this column I want to tell you what the opening of the second front entailed, so that you can know and appreciate and forever be humbly grateful to those both dead and alive who did it for you." Why is it important for the story of D-Day to be told to future generations? What aspect of the American character does this day embody?

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