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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the bomber pilots think is Hitler's "secret weapon"?
(a) Snipers.
(b) Bombs.
(c) Clouds.
(d) Low lying wires.

2. What is the name for the German navy?
(a) Wehrmacht.
(b) Kriegsmarine.
(c) Gestapo.
(d) Waffen.

3. One soldier compared riding a LCT to all of the following EXCEPT for _____________.
(a) Roller coaster.
(b) Bucking bronco.
(c) Terrible hangover.
(d) Camel.

4. What is the date that Eisenhower originally sets for D-Day?
(a) June 6.
(b) June 4.
(c) June 7.
(d) June 5.

5. What are the troops given to communicate with each other once they are on the ground?
(a) Toy crickets.
(b) Radios.
(c) Whistles.
(d) Flares.

6. Utah Beach is the code name for what part of the French coast?
(a) Normandy.
(b) Pas-de-Calais.
(c) Calvados.
(d) Cotentin.

7. What is the code name for the Germans' elaborate deception to fool the Russians in 1942?
(a) Kreml.
(b) Stalingrade.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Ziemke.

8. How many divisions do the Allies have in France when they first meet German troops in 1944?
(a) Five divisions.
(b) Fifty divisions.
(c) Ten divisions.
(d) Twleve divisions.

9. What does Eisenhower want to paralyze in the weeks leading up to D-Day?
(a) French and German farms.
(b) German artillery stockpiles.
(c) German oil reserves.
(d) French railway system.

10. What are the best tanks that the Germans produce called?
(a) Tigers.
(b) Geshalts.
(c) Das Reich.
(d) Sand Sharks.

11. What does Eisenhower want to use behind enemies lines attacking targets in France during D-Day?
(a) Snipers.
(b) Tanks.
(c) Fighter jets.
(d) Bombers.

12. What is always the weakest spot on any Allied line during the war?
(a) The lack of a strong navy.
(b) The boundary between the Germans and Russians.
(c) The boundary between the American and British armies.
(d) The gap between the air assault and ground fire.

13. What is the landing site the Allies choose for the D-Day invasion?
(a) Calvados.
(b) Brittany.
(c) Pas-de-Calais.
(d) Le Harve.

14. What do Allied troops eat three meals a day before the invasion?
(a) Rations.
(b) Lobster.
(c) Steak.
(d) Hash.

15. Who says it is "the fury of an aroused democracy" that is the key to victory?
(a) Eisenhower.
(b) Montgomery.
(c) Marshall.
(d) Roosevelt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What group is the first to attend the Assault Training Center?

2. How much do the bombs weigh that the B-17s drop?

3. What is the name for the German army?

4. What is used to drop the Allied paratroopers behind enemy lines?

5. What is the date of the final dress rehearsal for D-Day?

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