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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are B-26s known as?
(a) Freedom Fighters.
(b) Flying Fortresses.
(c) Liberators.
(d) Marauders.

2. Who interviews Eisenhower about D-Day in 1964?
(a) Dan Rather.
(b) Walter Cronkite.
(c) Mike Wallace.
(d) Ernie Pyle.

3. What does Rommel say he wants to be when the war ends?
(a) Hydraulic engineer.
(b) American.
(c) General.
(d) Electrical engineer.

4. How much do the bombs weigh that the B-17s drop?
(a) 100 pounds.
(b) 50 pounds.
(c) 500 pounds.
(d) 1000 pounds.

5. What does the French girl leading Maj. A. J. C. Rosevear and his team to the bridges want them to blow up instead?
(a) German headquarters.
(b) A church.
(c) A tank.
(d) Polish POWs.

6. What would be the perfect, yet too obvious, landing site for the D-Day invasion?
(a) Le Harve.
(b) Brittany.
(c) Pas-de-Calais.
(d) Calvados.

7. How many bombers are shot down by Luftwaffe on D-Day?
(a) 9.
(b) 0.
(c) 47.
(d) 113.

8. What is the date of the final dress rehearsal for D-Day?
(a) May 30.
(b) May 5.
(c) May 15.
(d) May 10.

9. Who is a master of sabotage against the Germans?
(a) French Resistance.
(b) Polish POWs.
(c) American spies.
(d) Jewish prisoners.

10. What compounds Germany's strategic problems as the war goes on?
(a) Shortages.
(b) Spies.
(c) Troop morale.
(d) Arrogance.

11. What is the real name of the sexy-voiced Ohio girl known as "Axis Sally"?
(a) Sally Struthers.
(b) Midge Gillars.
(c) Molly Anderson.
(d) Greta Von Sallisord.

12. The ME-262's are to be known as what?
(a) Spy planes.
(b) Blitz-bombers.
(c) Fighter jets.
(d) Troop carriers.

13. Where is the German army's last offensive on the Eastern Front?
(a) Berlin.
(b) Prague.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Kursk.

14. How many minesweepers clear the Channel for the Allies?
(a) 250.
(b) 3200.
(c) 375.
(d) 2500.

15. What is the code name for the Allies' elaborate plan to fool the Germans about D-Day?
(a) Fortitude.
(b) Normandy.
(c) Ultra.
(d) Overkill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the code name for the Germans' elaborate deception to fool the Russians in 1942?

2. Where is the soldier from who forgets his name when asked by Eisenhower?

3. German generals warn Rommel that he should keep his tanks out of range of what?

4. What river is a boundary between the German's Fifteenth and Seventh army divisions, providing an area of weakness for the Allies?

5. What is the name of the commander who wants the paratroopers to be utilized better during the war?

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