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Short Answer Questions

1. On what day does Cyrano customarily visit the convent?

2. One cadet in Scene 2 offers all his lordly titles for what food?

3. What does Christian protest he contains within himself?

4. What item does Roxane take from Christian's body in Scene 10?

5. What does Cyrano do every morning before dawn?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lie does Cyrano tell Christian before he dies?

2. Describe the state of the battle at the end of Act 4?

3. Describe the imaginary enemies Cyrano fights at the end of the play?

4. What does Roxane incorrectly assume when she see's Ragueneau and Le Bret exit in Scene 3?

5. What news of Cyrano does Ragueneau bring in Scene 3?

6. How does Roxane bring food to the troops?

7. In Scene 2, what news has de Guiche heard regarding Cyrano?

8. According to Le Bret in Scene 2, How has Cyrano changed of late?

9. What offer does Christian make to Cyrano in Scene 9?

10. Why does Cyrano wait so long to tell Roxane the truth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Comte de Guiche seems to be a simple villainous presence at the beginning of the play, but he proves to be one of the most dynamic figures of the narrative. Write an essay analyzing the Comte's transformation over the course of the play. What is the root of his villainy? Why does he suddenly change? What hopes and regrets does he express in Act 5?

Essay Topic 2

Ragueneau is a figure of much comedic value, a sort of kindly fool forever at the mercy of a hostile world. He is also on of Cyrano's greatest advocates. Write an essay about Ragueneau. What does he value in life, and why do these choices cause him so much pain? Why does he enter scenes when he does? Why do you think he ends in such ignominy?

Essay Topic 3

Much of the conflict in Cyrano de Bergerac seems to stem from individuals - Valvert, de Guiche, Christian - but the true conflict in the play is rooted in a more ethereal struggle, one of honor versus selfishness and expediency. Write an essay about this struggle, using Cyrano's final tirade as a frame. How has he combated his ancient enemies, and how does this combat manifest itself in the whole of the plot? In what way does Cyrano represent honor in its raw form?

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