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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What in the below list is not among the groups that Cyrano regularly attacks in his writing, according to Le Bret?
(a) Plagarists
(b) Pretenders
(c) Usurpers
(d) Philanderers

2. Which major character is not present onstage at the beginning of Scene 10?
(a) Cyrano
(b) Roxane
(c) de Guiche
(d) Christian

3. What item does Carbon pointedly tell Roxane is missing from his company?
(a) An anthem
(b) A flag
(c) A drum
(d) A standard

4. What item did the Comte de Guiche lose in his most recent assault?
(a) His plume
(b) His sword
(c) His helmet
(d) His scarf

5. What weapon has been used to mortally injure Cyrano?
(a) A wagon wheel
(b) A block of wood
(c) A musket
(d) A scythe

Short Answer Questions

1. In the last word of the play, what does Cyrano announce he will take unblemished into the afterlife?

2. What does Cyrano do every morning before dawn?

3. What does Cyrano admit to Christian at the end of Scene 7?

4. What moment in the play does Cyrano claim to Roxane was the epitome of his life?

5. What item does Roxane take from Christian's body in Scene 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the cadets' attitude toward the Comte de Guiche change in Scene 7?

2. What does Roxane say about her surroundings at the beginning of Scene 4?

3. How does Roxane discover that Cyrano is her true suitor?

4. Why does Cyrano wait so long to tell Roxane the truth?

5. What revenge does de Guiche take on Cyrano and Christian in Scene 14?

6. What does Roxane incorrectly assume when she see's Ragueneau and Le Bret exit in Scene 3?

7. In Scene 2, what news has de Guiche heard regarding Cyrano?

8. Why is Christian distraught at the end of Scene 8?

9. What does Roxane resolve to do at the end of Scene 5?

10. How does Cyrano distract the Comte de Guiche while Roxane and Christian marry?

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