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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Roxane keep Christian's final letter to her?
(a) Framed on her wall
(b) Against her heart
(c) In a reliquary
(d) Beneath her pillow

2. Which of the following coach parts is used to smuggle food to the cadets?
(a) The axels
(b) The lantern
(c) The curtains
(d) The yokes

3. Why does de Guiche have such difficulty finding Roxane's house at the beginning of Scene 13?
(a) The night is pitch black
(b) He has poor eyesight
(c) He has never been there before
(d) He is wearing a mask

4. In the last word of the play, what does Cyrano announce he will take unblemished into the afterlife?
(a) His sword
(b) His soul
(c) His love's kiss
(d) His plume

5. In what does Cyrano blame his tardiness at the beginning of Scene 5?
(a) Oversleeping
(b) A congested street
(c) A duel
(d) A troublesome woman

Short Answer Questions

1. How many ways of getting to the moon does Cyrano list before explaining his preferred method to de Guiche?

2. What does de Guiche say he should like to do with Cyrano in Scene 2?

3. Which of the following is not a promise that Roxane demands of Cyrano at the end of Act 3?

4. How many meals a day do the cadets claim to have gotten in Paris?

5. What information does Christian draw from Cyrano at the beginning of Scene 9?

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