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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Ragueneau's shop?
(a) Cookshop of Cadets
(b) Cookshop of Comtes
(c) Cookshop of Poets
(d) Cookshop of Citizens

2. What does Christian repeatedly protest he will do if Cyrano does not help him in Scene 6?
(a) Tell Roxane of his deceit
(b) Leave the Guards
(c) Seduce the Duenna
(d) Die

3. Who climbs Roxane's balcony at the end of Scene 6?
(a) The Duenna
(b) Christian
(c) Cyrano
(d) de Guiche

4. At the end of Scene 3, what does Cyrano say he has done many times?
(a) Given all his money away
(b) Forgotten to eat for days
(c) Fought corwds single-handedly
(d) Written Roxane a love letter

5. Who does Cyrano chase from the shop at the end of Scene 4?
(a) Lise
(b) A poet
(c) Ragueneau
(d) The musketeer

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Scene 8, what supposed vice does Cyrano defend to Le Bret?

2. What is Ragueneau's profession?

3. In Scene 2, Ragueneau wraps an order of patties in a sonnet to whom?

4. Where does Cyrano go onstage in Scene 12?

5. How many men does one cadet confide in Scene 9 were recently killed by Cyrano for talk of noses?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Cyrano truly detest Montfleury?

2. How do Cyrano and Christian intend to speak to Roxane at the end of Scene 6?

3. Why hasn't Cyrano professed his love to Roxane?

4. What requests does Roxane make of Cyrano before leaving in Scene 3?

5. How does Roxane trick the monk in Scene 11?

6. How does Cyrano react to the loutish Citizen's attack on his nose?

7. What job is Cyrano given in Scene 12?

8. How is Christian resistant to Cyrano in Scene 4?

9. What new sadness has befallen Ragueneau at the beginning of Act 3?

10. With what has Ragueneau been preoccupied in Act 2?

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