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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What, according to Cyrano, is still Christian's in the letter?
(a) The blood
(b) The spirit
(c) The love
(d) The intent

2. On what does Cyrano blame his fainting in Scene 5?
(a) Unseasonable warmth
(b) Lack of sleep
(c) His Arras wound
(d) Hunger

3. What weapon has been used to mortally injure Cyrano?
(a) A block of wood
(b) A scythe
(c) A musket
(d) A wagon wheel

4. What in the below list is not among the groups that Cyrano regularly attacks in his writing, according to Le Bret?
(a) Philanderers
(b) Pretenders
(c) Usurpers
(d) Plagarists

5. What item does Roxane take from Christian's body in Scene 10?
(a) A letter
(b) His sword
(c) A rosary
(d) His plume

6. Which of the following is not an animal that the cadets hope has been captured for food?
(a) A sparrow
(b) A pheasant
(c) A trout
(d) A carp

7. What does de Guiche recommend Cyrano do in Scene 2?
(a) Pray
(b) Stay indoors
(c) Arm himself
(d) Seek preferment of some lord

8. Who does Cyrano quote in Scene 6 to explain the nature of his murder?
(a) Shakespeare
(b) Homer
(c) Virgil
(d) Himself

9. Through what building does Le Bret exit at the end of Scene 3?
(a) The stable
(b) The nave
(c) The chapel
(d) The refractory

10. Why does Cyrano fear telling Roxane the truth of the letters?
(a) He fears she would not forgive him
(b) He fears she would leave Christian
(c) He fears she would not believe him
(d) He fears she would kill herself

11. For what does Roxane proudly proclaim she now loves Christian?
(a) His bravery
(b) His eyes
(c) His wit
(d) His soul

12. What is the Comte de Guiche's new title in Act 5?
(a) Bishop
(b) Duke
(c) Baron
(d) Dauphin

13. How many ways of getting to the moon does Cyrano list before explaining his preferred method to de Guiche?
(a) 10
(b) 3
(c) 14
(d) 6

14. What moment in the play does Cyrano claim to Roxane was the epitome of his life?
(a) The defeat of Valvert
(b) The balcony scene
(c) The seige at Arras
(d) His present death by her side

15. What word does Cyrano accidentally state that alerts Roxane to Christian's death?
(a) Were
(b) Been
(c) No
(d) God

Short Answer Questions

1. To what classical text does Roxane refer when expressing her admiration for Christian in Scene 8?

2. What reason does the Comte de Guiche give for leaving at the end of Scene 5?

3. What does Roxane say she followed to find Arras?

4. What does Mother Margaret forbid her Sisters from doing regarding Cyrano?

5. At what part of Roxanne's body does Christian marvel when she embraces him in Scene 5?

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