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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Scene 8, what supposed vice does Cyrano defend to Le Bret?
(a) Arrogance
(b) Obsession
(c) Stubbornness
(d) Exaggeration

2. Which character is trying to seduce the Flower Girl in the first scene?
(a) The watchman
(b) The cavalier
(c) The youth
(d) The burgher

3. How does Cyrano convince the Duenna to leave him alone with Roxane?
(a) He gives her pastries
(b) He sends her on an errand
(c) He threatens her
(d) He pays her some money

4. What does Ragueneau actively ignore in his shop?
(a) Musketeer's seduction
(b) Overstuffed pastries
(c) Rodent infestation
(d) Poet's theft

5. Under what name did Roxane go when she was younger?
(a) Constance
(b) Yvette
(c) Helene
(d) Magdeleine

6. About what subject, according to Lise, will Ragueneau stop talking?
(a) Cyrano's rhymed duel
(b) Cyrano fight with thr ruffians
(c) Roxane's immenant arrival
(d) Meeting D'Artagnan

7. To whom does Cyrano send his pages in Scene 1?
(a) Montfleury
(b) Lise
(c) de Guiche
(d) Valvert

8. What famous historical figure does the Comte de Guiche claim as his uncle?
(a) Marquis de Sade
(b) Danton
(c) Cardinal Richelieu
(d) Louis XIV

9. To what literary work does the Comte de Guiche refer Cyrano before leaving the shop?
(a) The Seven Caesars
(b) Henry V
(c) Candide
(d) Don Quixote

10. Who warns Christian that Ligniere's life is in danger?
(a) Ragueneau
(b) The foodseller
(c) Roxane
(d) A pickpocket

11. What aspect of Christian's character does Cyrano forget as he woos Roxane in Scene 10?
(a) He has only recently met her
(b) He is young
(c) He is handsome
(d) He is a lord

12. Where does Ragueneau take his poets to give Cyrano privacy?
(a) Upstairs
(b) The street
(c) The cellar
(d) A back room

13. Who does Ligniere bring to the theatre at the end of Scene 1?
(a) Roxane
(b) Le Bret
(c) Christian
(d) Cyrano

14. Where is Ligniere going at the end of Scene 2?
(a) The military camp
(b) His home
(c) The pubs
(d) Church

15. What does Lise use as wrapping for Ragueneau's food?
(a) Poems
(b) Old sacks
(c) Tissues
(d) Journals

Short Answer Questions

1. What rhymed recipe does Ragueneau present to his poets?

2. At the end of Scene 3, what does Cyrano say he has done many times?

3. To what English lord does Cyrano compare himself in Scene 10?

4. From whom is the letter that the monk bears?

5. Who, at the beginning of the Act is relating his misfortunes to the Duenna?

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