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Christian's Letters

Have students write five letters that "Christian" wrote to Roxane during the Siege at Arras. These should deal with the realities of the battle and the poetic truth of his love for Roxane.


Cyrano finds inspiration from music, both in love and in battle. Assign the students to bring two songs into class: one that they think of when they think Love and one for Battle. Play them over the course of the class.

Cast a Production

The characters of Cyrano de Bergerac have been played by many famous actors: Gerard Depardieu, Jennifer Garner, Kevin Kline, Stephen Rea, Derek Jacobi. Have the class pretend they are casting a production of the play. Have them choose actors for the following roles:




Count de Guiche

Le Bret


Deep Respect

At the beginning of study, have each student write a letter to another student...

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