Cyrano de Bergerac Character Descriptions

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This character is the stage manager of the theater in Act 1.


This character requires a compatriot's help to woo his beloved.

The Citizen

This character needles Cyrano about his nose at the theatre.


See Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

This character woos his beloved for another man

Comte de Guiche

This character orders the Gascony Guards to the siege of Arras.

Christian de Neuvittette

See Christian

The Foodsetter

Cyrano kisses this young character's hand at the theatre.


This character is Cyrano's staunchest supporter.


This character is nearly killed by one hundred ruffians.


This character has an affair with a Musketeer.

Magdeleine Robin

See Roxane


This character his been famously banned from the Parisian stage

Mother Marguerite de Jesus

This character houses Roxane in the fifth act...

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