Cyclops Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. At the beginning of the Prologue, how long before the Cyclops becomes a mass tomb?

48 minutes.

2. In the Prologue, how many people are on the "Cyclops"?


3. When does the starboard engine on the Cyclops break down?

Shortly after departing Rio de Janeiro.

4. Where are they planning on repairing the starboard engine?


5. How many times has Lieutenant Church sailed around the world?

4 times.

6. How old is the Cyclops?

8 years old.

7. What type of an accent does Lieutenant Commander Worley have?


8. When was the Cyclops built?


9. How many tons of coal can be carried by the Cyclops?

10,500 tons.

10. What are the approximate dimensions of the crate that is put on board in Rio?

9 feet long by 3 feet high by four feet wide.

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