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This is a ship that sinks off the coast of Cuba.

The Prosperteer

This is an aluminum clad blimp.

Inner Core

This a group who has all the information about the Jersey Colony.

Southern Comfort

This is a thirty-five foot cruiser that is used as a backup police cruiser.

Crogan Castle

This is a ship that sends a distress signal.


This is 1951 convertible and a vintage British car.


This is the National Underwater and Marine Agency .

La Dorada

This is a treasure that is supposed to be a golden woman that is a representation of the wife of a ruler.

Borscht Paste

This is a food substance given to Russian Cosmonauts.

Harvey Pattenden National Physics Laboratory

This is where the trail of the Inner Core is first detected.

Cayo Santa Maria

This is a Cuban Island where several characters are tortured and held prisoner.

Door Number Six

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