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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)


In the Prologue, a ship named the Cyclops sinks at sea. In March 1918, a U.S. Naval vessel named the Cyclops vanished at sea and no wreckage or any sign of the ship was ever found. The objective of this lesson is to compare the fictional ship from the novel and the naval vessel that vanished in 1918.


1) Research: Research the vessel the USS Cyclops. Write the answers to these questions: When and where was the ship built? When was the ship commissioned into service? Before World War I, where did the Cyclops support U.S. warships? Who was in command of the ship? Was there a Lieutenant John Church on the USS Cyclops? Where did the ship depart from on February 16, 1918? What problem did Captain Worley report at that time? Where was an unscheduled stop made? What was taken on board? What did officials say...

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