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What Happened to the Cyclops

In "Cyclops", Cussler presents one theory for what happened to the ship the "Cyclops." Write what you imagine happened to the "Cyclops."

Finding the Cyclops

Rumors of wreckage from the Cyclops surfaced in the 1960s. Prepare a written or oral report about the possible sighting of the wreckage of the Cyclops.

Prosperteer Model

Create a model of the Prosperteer.

Dirk Pitt's Biography

From the clues in the novel and using your imagination to fill in gaps, write a biography of Dirk Pitt.

Bermuda Triangle

The Cyclops may have gone down in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Research the Bermuda Triangle and prepare a written or oral report about the area and the strange disappearances there.

Portrait of La Dorada

Draw a picture of the golden woman, La Dorada.

Time Line

Create a time line for the events that happen in the...

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