Cyclops Character Descriptions

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Dirk Pitt

This character is a member of of NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency.

Al Giordino

This character is the Assistant Projects Director of NUMA.

General Peter Velikov

This character is the commander of Russia's most secret military installation.

Raymond LeBaron

This character is a wealthy publisher who is searching for a Russian spacecraft.

Jessie LeBaron

This character is given the task of making contact with Fidel Castro, but is captured and tortured by the Soviets.

U.S. President

This character, whose job is to keep world peace, discovers the secret of the moon colony.

Buck Caesar

This character is the owner/operator of Exotic Artifact Ventures.

Joe Cavilla

This sixty-year-old Brazilian native copilots a blimp.

Reggie Salazar

This character is a golf caddy who is knocked out and replaced by an intruder during his boss' weekly golf game.

Calvin Rooney

This character is the Dade...

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