Cutting for Stone Short Essay - Answer Key

Abraham Verghese
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1. Why are Sister Mary and Anjali on a boat,and what happens to some of the people on the boat?

Sister Mary Praise and her best friend, Sister Anjali, leave India for Africa after becoming nuns. While aboard their ship, many of the passengers come down with fever and fall deathly ill, including a rugged English doctor, Dr. Stone.

2. How does Sister Mary care for Dr. Stone, and what happens while she takes care of him?

Sister Mary Praise cares for him as best she can, and also runs between the various other passengers doing her best to care for them all. Slowly, it becomes clear to the reader that Sister Mary Praise is falling in love with the doctor, delusional with fever, as she cares for him, and even falls asleep next to his bed.

3. What happens when Dr. Stone is close to death?

It appears that Dr. Stone is close to death, but Sister Mary Praise prays desperately for his survival, and never leaves her bedside vigil. In time, he wakes from unconsciousness and begins to heal.

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