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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nurse Ratched use to begin to take down McMurphy?

2. When the Captain calls the number McMurphy gives him, what is he really calling?

3. What does McMurphy throw to the Chief?

4. Where does the basketball go after #106?

5. Who is the patient who has boating experience?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does McMurphy tell Billy he needs to send to Candy for her trip to see him?

2. What are some of the ways that the men begin to bond together during the fishing trip?

3. What are some of the memories that the Chief recalls as the electroshock therapy hits him?

4. What is the first rebellious act that Chief Broom commits?

5. What does McMurphy do as they are preparing and performing the electroshock therapy on him?

6. What is the story that McMurphy shares with Chief Broom?

7. What happens when the Captain calls the number the McMurphy gives him in order to validate their liability agreement?

8. What does McMurphy ask of Chief Broom as they are sharing stories of their lives?

9. What does McMurphy do when the night attendants come to Chief Broom's bed?

10. What does Chief Broom do to help save McMurphy from his new vegetative state?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some patients on the ward are labels Chronics because they aren't ever going to leave the ward, but is this a reasonable idea? Do you think that some mental diseases cannot be cured? Why or why not? What kinds of symptoms/signs are incurable? Or can every person return to the outside world at one point or another?

Essay Topic 2

The question as to whether or not McMurphy is simply manipulating the men to get what he wants is something that begins to pull the group apart. In your opinion, do you think this is what McMurphy is trying to do? Why or why not? Would it be a bad thing in either case? In the end, what does McMurphy really 'win' in the ward as a result of his actions? Anything?

Essay Topic 3

McMurphy is accused of always 'winning things' as Chief Bromden puts it. What do you think this means to the other patients and to Chief Bromden? What are some of the things that McMurphy 'wins' on the ward? What are some of the things that McMurphy loses? Is it fair for McMurphy to be thought of as someone who is manipulating others? Why or why not?

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