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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose name has McMurphy added to the trip list?
(a) Scanlon's
(b) Chief Bromden's
(c) Billy's
(d) Harding's

2. What are the men betting when they play cards?
(a) Pretzels
(b) Pennies
(c) Cigarettes
(d) Poker chips

3. What does Harding have that no other patient has?
(a) A college diploma
(b) Sociopathic tendencies
(c) Hope
(d) A large bank account

4. How were the patients being tested for TB?
(a) Full exams
(b) Chest x-rays
(c) Special MRIs
(d) They had to cough

5. Does Nurse Ratched punish McMurphy for the glass incident?
(a) She punishes another patient
(b) No
(c) She reprimands him
(d) Yes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does McMurphy want to plan in the end?

2. Who is an epileptic?

3. Who is convinced to come on the trip as well, helping to ensure the trip doesn't get canceled?

4. Who comes up with the plan to try to keep the men from getting into trouble, but still allowing McMurphy to escape?

5. Where did McMurphy come from?

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