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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have the men all found at the hospital?
(a) Free room and board
(b) Refuge
(c) Answers
(d) Treatment that works

2. What is EST, according to Harding?
(a) A new medication
(b) The Disturbed ward
(c) Electro Shock Therapy
(d) Eastern Standard Time

3. Who is the overall winner of the card game?
(a) McMurphy
(b) Cheswick
(c) Billy
(d) Harding

4. Why doesn't Chief have any money?
(a) He is an Indigent
(b) He gambles it all
(c) He likes to smoke a lot
(d) He gives it away

5. Who stands a head taller than anyone else on the ward?
(a) Billy Bibbit
(b) Nurse Ratched
(c) The Chief
(d) McMurphy

Short Answer Questions

1. Are the men mad at McMurphy for his actions in #64's answer?

2. Who is allowed to be the meetings with the staff?

3. What did Chief Bromden's father do when he realized he could not beat the system?

4. What does McMurphy do when the World Series is on the next day?

5. Harding and McMurphy banter to decide who the biggest ______________ is in the hospital.

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