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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mucho Maas suffer from on a regular basis?

2. What does Metzger theorize that the members of Mike Fallopian's group would be opposed to?

3. Metzger objects that if Mike Fallopian's hero was anti-Communist he could not also be against ______________.

4. What happens at the climax of Oedipa and Metzger's intimate relations?

5. What kind of music is played at the bar near the Yoyodyne plant?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the introduction of the Yoyodyne mail deliverer at The Scope important to the plot of The Crying of Lot 49?

2. How does Oedipa imagine Pierce Inverarity might have died?

3. Describe the manager of the Echo Courts Motel.

4. As Oedipa seeks a motel to escape the illusion of speed and freedom that driving provides, to what does she compare the road?

5. In his phone call to Oedipa a year ago, what did Pierce Inverarity say about Mucho?

6. How did Mucho Maas feel about the used cars his customers brought in for trade-in?

7. What is the larger setting of The Crying of Lot 49?

8. What is scribbled next to a message advertising the WASTE group on the bathroom wall of The Scope?

9. What was strange about Pierce Inverarity's call to Oedipa a year ago?

10. Where did Tony Jaguar get the bones that he sold to Beaconsfield Cigarettes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Oedipa's husband is named Mucho Maas, an approximation to the Spanish phrase 'mucho mas,' or 'much more.' What does this suggest the character of Mucho represents in the novel? Give specific examples of how this is shown throughout The Crying of Lot 49.

Essay Topic 2

One of the themes of The Crying of Lot 49 is that technology does not reveal truth. How is this demonstrated in Chapter 5? Are there other examples of this theme in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Give a definition of allegory and then discuss the allegorical aspects of the setting and characters of The Crying of Lot 49.

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