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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What scientific rule does the Nefastis Machine violate?
(a) The Law of Triads.
(b) The WASTE Law.
(c) Second Law of Thermodynamics.
(d) First Law of Thermodynamics.

2. Oedipa returns to Echo Courts to find the Paranoids in shock because _________ ran off with one of their girlfriends.
(a) Humbert Humbert.
(b) Mucho.
(c) Miles.
(d) Metzger.

3. Who does Oedipa find at an all-night Mexican diner in San Francisco?
(a) Grace Bortz.
(b) Randolph Driblette.
(c) Jesus Arrabal.
(d) John Nefastis.

4. According to Stanley Koteks, who are the only ones who can work the Nefastis Machine?
(a) Sensitives.
(b) Demons.
(c) Demonstrators.
(d) Scientists.

5. Who does Oedipa try to call from a phone booth before she heads to the bookstore?
(a) Driblette.
(b) Fallopian.
(c) Metzger.
(d) Mucho.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bortz suggests to Oedipa that Tristero might have caused ______ simply in order to issue the Proclamation of the 9th Frimaire, An III, ending the sanctioned postal monopoly.

2. Who does Oedipa tell Stanley Koteks sent her to him as she comes upon him doodling at his desk at Yoyodyne?

3. What happens to Oedipa after she knocks on the door of Dr. Hilarius's office in Chapter 5?

4. Oedipa arrives at a German Baroque hotel in the Berkeley hills which is hosting a meeting of what organization?

5. As Oedipa drives to Berkeley to find the source text for the Jacobean revenge play, she misses the exit to where?

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