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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mucho interviews Oedipa after she leaves Dr. Hilarius's office, what name does her call her?
(a) Edna Mosh.
(b) His Oedy.
(c) Oedipa Maas.
(d) Sweetie Pie.

2. Whose address in Berkeley does Stanley Koteks give to Oedipa?
(a) Zapf's Used Books.
(b) Pierce Inverarity.
(c) John Nefastis.
(d) The WASTE group.

3. Oedipa reads about Blobb's account of an attack near the Lake of Piety, which left all dead except Blobb and his servant. Who attacked them?
(a) Scurvhamites.
(b) Trystero brigands.
(c) Roman soldiers.
(d) Vatican brigands.

4. Suffering nightmares and various symptoms, Oedipa goes to a doctor and requests a pregnancy test under what name?
(a) Mrs. Maas.
(b) Enda Mosh.
(c) Grace Bortz.
(d) Mrs. Metzger.

5. Oedipa, accompanied by Bortz and the graduate students, attends the funeral and tries to reach out to some remaining trace of life in the grave in a similar fashion to what?
(a) Communicating with Maxwell's Demon.
(b) A seance.
(c) Communicating with sensitives.
(d) A hallucination.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a place that Oedipa encountered the WASTE symbol?

2. Where does Genghis Cohen want to send several of the stamps he is reviewing for Oedipa?

3. Bortz hands Oedipa an ancient book about the _________ travels of Dr. Diocletian Blobb.

4. Oedipa arrives at a German Baroque hotel in the Berkeley hills which is hosting a meeting of what organization?

5. What does the Nefastis Machine do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Oedipa think it is possible that her search for Tristero may be a hoax created by Pierce Inverarity?

2. By gathering clues from diverse obscure sources, what is the account of how the Tristero organization began that Oedipa pieces together?

3. According to Jesus Arrabal, what is the miracle of Inverarity?

4. Give examples of individuals with the post horn symbol who are somehow alienated from society.

5. Why does Nefastis contend that only a sensitive person can work his machine?

6. At the end of Chapter 4, Genghis Cohen explains to Oedipa that the dandelion wine is clear now, but becomes cloudy in the spring when the dandelions begin to bloom, as if the dandelions in the wine remembered. What does Oedipa muse about this?

7. What causes Oedipa to realize that every source of information on the Tristero can somehow be traced to Inverarity?

8. Why are WASTE mail boxes located under freeways?

9. Describe the Nefastis Machine as it was explained by Stanley Koteks.

10. Bortz hands Oedipa an ancient book about the Italian travels of Dr. Diocletian Blobb. What does this story have to do with the Trystero?

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