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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Oedipa goes to Zapf's Used Books to buy a copy of what book?
(a) Real Revenge Plays.
(b) The Bible.
(c) The Trystero.
(d) Jacobean Revenge Plays.

2. In her investigations in Chapter 4, Oedipa goes to what kind of meeting at Yoyodyne?
(a) Patents.
(b) Board.
(c) Stockholders.
(d) Design.

3. Oedipa arrives at a German Baroque hotel in the Berkeley hills which is hosting a meeting of what organization?
(a) California Chapter of the American Deaf-Mute Assembly.
(b) California Chapter of the American Hearing-impaired Assembly.
(c) California Chapter of the American Scientist Assembly.
(d) California Chapter of the American Blind Assembly.

4. As Oedipa drives to Berkeley to find the source text for the Jacobean revenge play, she misses the exit to where?
(a) The wharf.
(b) Kinneret.
(c) The hotel.
(d) The Bay Bridge.

5. As Oedipa walks around the college campus in Chapter 5, she realizes her education made her what?
(a) Unfit for deciphering texts.
(b) Unfit for this world.
(c) Unfit for being a sensitive.
(d) Unfit for protests.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tristero y Calavera set up his own postal system and called himself El Desheredado, which meant what?

2. Who is Genghis Cohen?

3. Bortz hands Oedipa an ancient book about the _________ travels of Dr. Diocletian Blobb.

4. Mucho's boss, Funch, says Mucho is losing his identity and becoming more ________.

5. As Mucho and Oedipa eat at a pizzeria, what does Mucho notice about one violin heard on the Muzak playing in the restaurant?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the historical marker that Oedipa remembers seeing at Fangoso Lagoons commemorate?

2. When Oedipa and Metzger go back to The Scope in Chapter 4, Mike Fallopian explains that there exists what kind of underground group?

3. Give examples of individuals with the post horn symbol who are somehow alienated from society.

4. The men Oedipa meets on her journey end up abandoning her. What were some of their fates and what did they represent?

5. What are the four alternatives Oedipa comes up with to explain her discoveries concerning the Tristero?

6. Why are WASTE mail boxes located under freeways?

7. Why does Oedipa consider her job as co-executor to be similar to Driblette's job as director of a play?

8. How is the campus of Cal State different from when Oedipa was in college?

9. According to Jesus Arrabal, what is the miracle of Inverarity?

10. By gathering clues from diverse obscure sources, what is the account of how the Tristero organization began that Oedipa pieces together?

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