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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, who does Oedipa tell Stanley Koteks she is?
(a) A patent inspector.
(b) A board member.
(c) A design engineer.
(d) A stockholder.

2. How does Oedipa end up at the desk of Stanley Koteks?
(a) She follows the WASTE symbols.
(b) She is directed there by voices in her head.
(c) She gets lost on a tour of Yoyodyne.
(d) They are former lovers.

3. After finding a copy of Plays of Ford, Webster, Tourneur and Wharfinger, Oedipa discovers a note that says "trystero" may be derived from the Italian word "triste." What does this word mean?
(a) Deadly.
(b) Depraved.
(c) Third.
(d) Mysterious.

4. Which of the following is NOT a place that Oedipa encountered the WASTE symbol?
(a) An herbalist's window in Chinatown.
(b) Gang jackets of delinquents at the city beach.
(c) A message in a fortune cookie.
(d) Written in chalk on a sidewalk.

5. After Oedipa follows the wino with the bag of letters, where does she find the can with the WASTE symbol on the side?
(a) At her hotel.
(b) Behind Nefastis' apartment.
(c) On a bus.
(d) Under the freeway

6. What does the owner of the government surplus store, Winthrop Tremaine, tell Oedipa there is a large demand for?
(a) SS uniforms.
(b) School clothing.
(c) Swimsuits.
(d) Rifles and swastika armbands.

7. After arriving at Dr. Hilarius's clinic, Oedipa is told what by the doctor's assistant?
(a) He is in love with Oedipa.
(b) He is moving to China.
(c) He is head of the WASTE organization.
(d) He has gone crazy.

8. Who does Dr. Hilarius think the police are when they come to his clinic?
(a) Tristero agents.
(b) Israelis.
(c) CIA.
(d) Thurn and Taxis agents.

9. Bortz suggests to Oedipa that Tristero might have caused ______ simply in order to issue the Proclamation of the 9th Frimaire, An III, ending the sanctioned postal monopoly.
(a) The American Revolution.
(b) The Bolshevik Revolution.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The Black Plague.

10. At Professor Bortz's house, Oedipa asks Bortz to tell her about the historical Wharfinger. Bortz sneers, saying he can only talk about __________.
(a) Love.
(b) WASTE.
(c) Trystero.
(d) Words.

11. Genghis Cohen shows Oedipa an old German stamp with Thurn and Taxis printed on it which has a special symbol in each corner. He suggests that the extra mark on the symbol is a ______.
(a) Flute.
(b) Mute.
(c) Foul.
(d) Moat.

12. Mr. Thoth pulls a gold signet ring with the ________ symbol out of his knitting bag, which he says his grandfather cut from the finger of an Indian he had killed.
(a) Yoyodyne.
(b) Trystero.
(c) Nefastis.
(d) WASTE.

13. Oedipa reads about Blobb's account of an attack near the Lake of Piety, which left all dead except Blobb and his servant. Who attacked them?
(a) Trystero brigands.
(b) Roman soldiers.
(c) Scurvhamites.
(d) Vatican brigands.

14. Genghis Cohen shows Oedipa a Pony Express stamp from 1940 with the _______ symbol on the back.
(a) Tristero.
(b) Nefastis.
(c) WASTE.
(d) Yoyodyne.

15. Suffering nightmares and various symptoms, Oedipa goes to a doctor and requests a pregnancy test under what name?
(a) Grace Bortz.
(b) Mrs. Metzger.
(c) Mrs. Maas.
(d) Enda Mosh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Oedipa returns to Echo Courts to find the Paranoids in shock because _________ ran off with one of their girlfriends.

2. In the time period that brought the creation of The Tristero organization, what was the name of the organization that ran the sanctioned mail routes?

3. What is the name of the religious splinter group Bortz attributes to changing the pornographic version of the play?

4. What does the Nefastis Machine do?

5. Genghis Cohen told Oedipa, during their discussion about the meanings behind the stamps, that he had never heard of an _______ year tradition of postal fraud.

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