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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A young female graduate student reveals to Oedipa that ________ drowned himself in the Pacific Ocean two days ago.
(a) Metzger.
(b) Inverarity.
(c) Driblette.
(d) Nefastis.

2. How does Oedipa end up at the desk of Stanley Koteks?
(a) She follows the WASTE symbols.
(b) She is directed there by voices in her head.
(c) They are former lovers.
(d) She gets lost on a tour of Yoyodyne.

3. The Paranoids sing a song recounting how men like __________ seduce younger women?
(a) Miles.
(b) Humbert Humbert.
(c) Mucho.
(d) Metzger.

4. Who does Oedipa dream about as she sleeps in the hotel in Berkeley?
(a) Inverarity.
(b) Mucho.
(c) Driblette.
(d) Metzger.

5. Oedipa returns to Echo Courts to find the Paranoids in shock because _________ ran off with one of their girlfriends.
(a) Miles.
(b) Humbert Humbert.
(c) Metzger.
(d) Mucho.

6. As Oedipa walks around the college campus in Chapter 5, she realizes her education made her what?
(a) Unfit for protests.
(b) Unfit for deciphering texts.
(c) Unfit for this world.
(d) Unfit for being a sensitive.

7. Who does Oedipa find in a pseudo-Mexican apartment building in Berkeley?
(a) John Nefastis.
(b) Clerk Maxwell.
(c) Randolph Driblette.
(d) Emory Bortz.

8. What happens when Oedipa returns to her hotel in Berkeley?
(a) A young man waltzes her around the ballroom.
(b) She finds Mucho waiting in her room.
(c) She sleeps wtih John Nefastis.
(d) She sees the ghost of Inverarity.

9. Oedipa goes to Zapf's Used Books to buy a copy of what book?
(a) The Bible.
(b) Jacobean Revenge Plays.
(c) Real Revenge Plays.
(d) The Trystero.

10. As Oedipa sits in the apartment in Berkeley concentrating and awaiting the demon's message, what is on the TV?
(a) Metzger's movie.
(b) News about China.
(c) Cartoons.
(d) News about Viet Nam.

11. Dr. Hilarius protests that if he had been a real Nazi he would have become a Jungian. Instead, he chose to follow __________.
(a) Marx
(b) Maslov
(c) Hitler
(d) Freud

12. Which of the following is NOT a place that Oedipa encountered the WASTE symbol?
(a) Written in chalk on a sidewalk.
(b) An herbalist's window in Chinatown.
(c) Gang jackets of delinquents at the city beach.
(d) A message in a fortune cookie.

13. At Professor Bortz's house, Oedipa asks Bortz to tell her about the historical Wharfinger. Bortz sneers, saying he can only talk about __________.
(a) Trystero.
(b) Love.
(c) WASTE.
(d) Words.

14. Bortz imagines one visionary militant addressing a group of Tristero members in a tavern to propose a merger with official postal couriers. What name does he give to this visionary?
(a) Kenny.
(b) Conan.
(c) Konrad.
(d) Conrad.

15. Bortz leads Oedipa into a study to view woodcut illustrations from the pornographic version of the play. What does she see hovering in the background of the obscene images?
(a) Death.
(b) WASTE symbol.
(c) Love.
(d) Trystero.

Short Answer Questions

1. Genghis Cohen shows Oedipa a Pony Express stamp from 1940 with the _______ symbol on the back.

2. Genghis Cohen shows Oedipa an old German stamp with Thurn and Taxis printed on it which has a special symbol in each corner. He suggests that the extra mark on the symbol is a ______.

3. What is on the cover of the book she purchases at Zapf's Used Books?

4. In the time period that brought the creation of The Tristero organization, what was the name of the organization that ran the sanctioned mail routes?

5. Oedipa pieces together an account of how the Tristero organization began in what year?

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