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The mystery Oedipa spends the entire novel trying to understand.


Oedipa's home town in Central California.

San Narciso

A town in the greater Los Angeles area which embodies all that is bad about modern life.

Echo Courts Motel

A tawdry roadside establishment that serves as Oedipa's base for action during her quest.


A movie in which Metzger supposedly starred as a child actor.

The Scope

A bar that is a hangout for disaffected electronics workers.

Peter Pinguid Society

A secret organization.


An independent secret postal delivery system.

Fangoso Lagoons

A housing development with the usual grid of identical homes.

Lago de Pieta

The lake in Italy where a company of American GIs supposedly died during World War II.

Yoyodyne, Inc.

A mammoth corporation.

The Nefastis Machine

An invention that purports to prove the existence of Maxwell's Demon.

The Greek Way

A gay bar in...

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