The Crying of Lot 49 Character Descriptions

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Oedipa Maas

The protagonist on a quest, a modern version of a character from a Greek myth.

Mucho Maas

This character is extremely sensitive to contemporary moral corruption and seeks authenticity in ineffective ways.

Pierce Inverarity

A former lover of the protagonist.

Dr. Hilarius

A psychiatrist who offers hallucinogenic drugs and makes calls in the middle of the night.


A lawyer who is obsessed with the writing of a critique of the television lawyer, Perry Mason.


A former childhood film star who later became a lawyer.

The Paranoids

Exemplify the state of young people involved in the counter-culture.

Mike Fallopian

The representative of a secret society and the writer of a book about independent postal carriers.

Manny Di Presso

The lawyer-turned-actor who is representing someone in a suit for non-payment for a shipment of bones of American GIs found in an Italian lake.


The director...

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