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Chapter 1

• Mrs. Oedipa Maas arrives home from a Tupperware party to find that she has been named executor of the estate of Pierce Inverarity, a former lover.
• Mucho Maas, Oedipa's husband, returns from his job as a radio station disc jockey, and he is suffering one of his regular crises of conscience over his profession. Oedipa shows Mucho the letter from the legal firm, and asks what she should do. Mucho suggests she contact their lawyer, Roseman.
• That night Oedipa is awakened by a phone call at 3 a.m. from her psychiatrist, Dr. Hilarius. He asks why she isn't taking her tranquilizers, and reminds her that they still need subjects for an experiment in which hallucinogenic drugs are given to housewives.
• The next morning she visits Roseman, who is guiltily hiding his manuscript-in-progress, a work which seeks to undermine the television lawyer, Perry Mason. Roseman outlines all the...

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