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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which adjectives does Mrs. Lithebe use to describe the people she thinks Gertrude should not spend time with?
(a) Promiscuous and vulgar.
(b) Idle and careless.
(c) Brutal and mean.
(d) Greedy and immoral.

2. What is James Jarvis’ main concern before learning of his son’s death?
(a) He is concerned that local blacks are constantly begging for food.
(b) He is concerned because a mysterious disease is killing his cattle.
(c) He is concerned because there is a drought.
(d) He is concerned that the government is trying to buy his land to mine.

3. What inexplicable activity does the character who unexpectedly appears in Ndotsheni with the village chief and magistrate participate in?
(a) They dig up and remove buckets of dirt.
(b) They pull up crops.
(c) They cut down trees.
(d) They mark the ground with sticks and flags.

4. What word best describes the relationship between James and Arthur Jarvis?
(a) Nonexistent.
(b) Antagonistic.
(c) Distant.
(d) Harmonious.

5. What event occurs a few days before Absalom’s sentencing which foreshadows he is unlikely to get judicial leniency?
(a) A white police officer is killed during a mining strike.
(b) A new law is approved which requires the death penalty for all murderers.
(c) Another white man is murdered during a house burglary by blacks.
(d) A massive plot by a black gang to rob prominent white merchants is preempted by police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who effectively saves Kumalo from being sent away by the Bishop?

2. What is the Jarvis boy excited to practice with Kumalo?

3. James has a fleeting memory of the Ndotsheni church and Kumalo as priest. Which of the following best describes his impression of them?

4. Which character is MOST impressed by John Kumalo’s oratorical gifts?

5. What name does Absalom ask his father to name his child if it is boy?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast the significance of the new gold mines in Odendaalsrust for whites and blacks, as indicated in Book Two, Chapter Six.

2. How does the focus of the novel shift at the beginning of Book Two? Who becomes a secondary protagonist and when does their story start?

3. Describe Barbara Smith’s response to Kumalo’s question about her servant, and explain the significance of James’ translation of this answer to Kumalo.

4. Describe the incident Kumalo tells his friend about as a way of explaining his idea that James Jarvis is a compassionate man.

5. What is the Judge’s ruling in the cases against Absalom and his two accomplices, Johannes and Matthew, and what are the Judge’s reasons for his verdicts?

6. Summarize the main events of the meeting between James Jarvis and Kumalo at the house of Jarvis’ kinswoman Barbara Smith.

7. Describe how Napoleon Letsitsi comes to be in Ndotsheni.

8. Describe how Kumalo reacts when the Bishop tells him he wants to remove Kumalo from Ndotsheni.

9. What surprises James Jarvis most about people’s reaction to his son’s death?

10. What becomes Kumalo’s obsession when he returns to Ndotsheni, and what ways does he act on it? What are the results of his efforts?

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