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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the three accomplices disguise themselves during the housebreak?
(a) They wore hats pulled low over their eyes.
(b) They pulled stockings over their faces.
(c) They tied handkerchiefs around their mouths.
(d) They wore sunglasses.

2. What is the verdict for Absalom’s two accomplices?
(a) The Judge makes them as culpable as Absalom in Arthur Jarvis’ murder and sentences them to death.
(b) The Judge finds one guilty of assault and sends him to twenty years in prison while allowing the other to go free.
(c) The Judge finds them guilty of house breaking and sentences them to ten years prison.
(d) The Judge finds insufficient evidence to convict either of them and lets them go free.

3. As James reads Arthur’s papers, what claim does his son make that offends him?
(a) Arthur claims James was a virulent racist.
(b) Arthur claims James cared more about money than people.
(c) Arthur claims James never taught him a sense of national identity and social responsibility.
(d) Arthur claims James was a superficial and unbelieving Christian.

4. What event occurs a few days before Absalom’s sentencing which foreshadows he is unlikely to get judicial leniency?
(a) A massive plot by a black gang to rob prominent white merchants is preempted by police.
(b) A new law is approved which requires the death penalty for all murderers.
(c) A white police officer is killed during a mining strike.
(d) Another white man is murdered during a house burglary by blacks.

5. What inexplicable activity does the character who unexpectedly appears in Ndotsheni with the village chief and magistrate participate in?
(a) They pull up crops.
(b) They dig up and remove buckets of dirt.
(c) They cut down trees.
(d) They mark the ground with sticks and flags.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ndotsheni’s children lack which is causing them to die in greater than average numbers?

2. What does Kumalo eventually find out happened to Sibeko’s daughter?

3. How do the Jarvises travel to Johannesburg?

4. Which of the following is NOT a reason the Bishop wants to send Kumalo away from Ndotsheni?

5. Which of the following is NOT a reason Absalom gives for having a revolver at all?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly summarize Arthur Jarvis’s argument about the responsibility of whites to blacks in the papers James Jarvis reads.

2. Describe the final meeting between Stephen and John Kumalo.

3. Describe how Kumalo reacts when the Bishop tells him he wants to remove Kumalo from Ndotsheni.

4. Describe Barbara Smith’s response to Kumalo’s question about her servant, and explain the significance of James’ translation of this answer to Kumalo.

5. How does James Jarvis react when Kumalo tries to thank him for all the good work he is doing in Ndotsheni? Why does he likely react this way?

6. After reading more of his son’s papers, why does James Jarvis leave through the front of the house rather than walking past the blood-stained floor again?

7. Summarize the main events of the meeting between James Jarvis and Kumalo at the house of Jarvis’ kinswoman Barbara Smith.

8. What does Absalom give as his defense for owning a gun when the Judge asks him about it?

9. Explain the metaphorical usage of the rainstorm that occurs in Book Three, Chapter 3.

10. Describe the incident Kumalo tells his friend about as a way of explaining his idea that James Jarvis is a compassionate man.

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