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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What other action does Absalom claim he took after ridding himself of the weapon?
(a) He encouraged his accomplices to turn themselves in with him.
(b) He planned to run away from Johannesburg.
(c) He prayed for forgiveness.
(d) He returned to the Jarvis house to try to revive Arthur.

2. Who does James Jarvis surprise with a large financial donation to further the cause of blacks?
(a) Stephen Kumalo.
(b) Msimangu.
(c) John Harrison, Jr.
(d) John Kumalo.

3. What building does Jarvis’ wife want to finance for Ndotsheni?
(a) A medical clinic.
(b) A refrigerated outbuilding for milk.
(c) A church.
(d) A school.

4. Who effectively saves Kumalo from being sent away by the Bishop?
(a) Arthur Jarvis’ son.
(b) His congregation.
(c) James Jarvis.
(d) The tribal chief.

5. Who performs the sacrament that is performed immediately following the sentencing in the prison?
(a) A prison chaplain.
(b) Father Vincent.
(c) Kumalo.
(d) Msimangu.

6. Where does Kumalo put his energy immediately upon returning from Johannesburg?
(a) He starts a letter-writing campaign for Absalom to avoid the death penalty.
(b) He throws himself into rebuilding his church.
(c) He talks to community leaders about how to rejuvenate the tribe’s agriculture.
(d) He isolates himself with his family to bond them into a unit.

7. How do the villagers react to the changes the agricultural demonstrator tries to implement?
(a) They are wary of change but slowly adopt the demonstrator’s suggestions.
(b) They are too lazy to make the changes.
(c) They question them curiously, trying to understand the science behind them.
(d) They enthusiastically embrace them in hopes things will get better in the valley.

8. What do Ndotsheni’s children lack which is causing them to die in greater than average numbers?
(a) Milk.
(b) Malaria medicine.
(c) Clean water.
(d) Vitamin C.

9. How do villagers respond to Kumalo’s return?
(a) They are indifferent and barely notice his return.
(b) They are overjoyed to have him back.
(c) They are disappointed to see his replacement leave the village.
(d) They demand his resignation because of his family’s immorality.

10. Which character does Kumalo’s friend, who works on the Jarvis farm, tell him is sick?
(a) Arthur Jarvis’ son.
(b) James Jarvis.
(c) Arthur Jarvis’ wife.
(d) Margaret Jarvis.

11. How does Jarvis react when Kumalo admits it was his son who murdered James’?
(a) James breaks down sobbing.
(b) James lashes out violently against Kumalo.
(c) James is surprised by compassionate.
(d) James demands that Kumalo leave the property immediately.

12. What does the phrase Nkosi Skielel’ iAfrika mean?
(a) Africa forever.
(b) God save Africa.
(c) Africa unite.
(d) Africa for Africans.

13. Where does Kumalo keep vigil during Absalom’s execution?
(a) Deep into the forest.
(b) By the sea.
(c) The Jarvis fields.
(d) Up a mountain.

14. Why is there little public interest in Absalom’s murder trial?
(a) Because gold had been discovered in Odendaalsrust.
(b) Because a more prominent politician was recently murdered and his killer was still at large.
(c) Because newspapers did want to draw attention to black violence against whites.
(d) Because a mining strike was causing violent outbreaks all over the city.

15. What was the name of the accomplice carrying this weapon?
(a) Baby Mkize.
(b) Richard Mpiring.
(c) Johannes Pafuri.
(d) Matthew Kumalo.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the Jarvis boy tell Kumalo he will be leaving for Johannesburg?

2. How does the agricultural demonstrator think the farming improvements will affect the future of Ndotsheni?

3. What is the name of the Jarvis farm?

4. Whose death devastates the villagers of Ndotsheni?

5. What is the agricultural demonstrator’s attitude toward white people?

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