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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of the paper Arthur Jarvis was writing about justice for blacks?
(a) “Equality and Justice for All.”
(b) “A Modern Emancipation Proclamation.”
(c) “Don’t Blame the Natives.”
(d) “The Truth About Native Crime.”

2. Which character unexpectedly appears in Ndotsheni with the village chief and magistrate?
(a) Father Vincent.
(b) The Judge.
(c) James Jarvis.
(d) John Kumalo.

3. What was the name of the accomplice carrying this weapon?
(a) Matthew Kumalo.
(b) Richard Mpiring.
(c) Johannes Pafuri.
(d) Baby Mkize.

4. What does Absalom claim is the reason he did not simply turn himself in to the police?
(a) He was too afraid to confess even though he intended to.
(b) He believed he was well enough hidden that the police would never find him.
(c) He thought if he left Johannesburg no one would bother to hunt him down.
(d) He believed the police mainly suspected someone else.

5. Who does James Jarvis surprise with a large financial donation to further the cause of blacks?
(a) John Kumalo.
(b) Stephen Kumalo.
(c) Msimangu.
(d) John Harrison, Jr.

6. What had James Jarvis hoped would be his son’s career?
(a) He wanted Arthur to become an engineer.
(b) He wanted Arthur to become a prominent Judge.
(c) He wanted Arthur to study in England to become a doctor.
(d) He wanted Arthur to take over the family farm.

7. What is the agricultural demonstrator’s attitude toward white people?
(a) He is grateful for their assistance in lifting blacks up.
(b) He sympathizes with the fear whites have built for themselves and hopes to work directly with them toward better racial understanding.
(c) He wishes they would give blacks their own nation and leave them alone.
(d) He is bitter that blacks must rely on whites for assistance when whites suppressed them in the first place.

8. Where do James Jarvis and Kumalo wait out a rainstorm?
(a) In Jarvis’ car.
(b) In Kumalo’s church.
(c) In the village school.
(d) In the tribal chief’s office.

9. Which character does Kumalo’s friend, who works on the Jarvis farm, tell him is sick?
(a) Margaret Jarvis.
(b) Arthur Jarvis’ son.
(c) James Jarvis.
(d) Arthur Jarvis’ wife.

10. What is the rumored purpose of the ground markings left by Jarvis and the magistrate in Ndotsheni?
(a) They mark out a village dairy.
(b) They mark out a new village school.
(c) They mark out a dam.
(d) They mark out a new church.

11. What event occurs a few days before Absalom’s sentencing which foreshadows he is unlikely to get judicial leniency?
(a) A white police officer is killed during a mining strike.
(b) A massive plot by a black gang to rob prominent white merchants is preempted by police.
(c) A new law is approved which requires the death penalty for all murderers.
(d) Another white man is murdered during a house burglary by blacks.

12. Which of the following is NOT a reason the Judge gives for not giving Absalom leniency?
(a) Because Absalom knowingly spent time with criminals who had prior convictions.
(b) Because Absalom entered a house with the intention of robbing it.
(c) Because Absalom carried a weapon that implies an intention for violence.
(d) Because Absalom did use his weapon to a violent end.

13. What is James Jarvis’ main concern before learning of his son’s death?
(a) He is concerned that local blacks are constantly begging for food.
(b) He is concerned because a mysterious disease is killing his cattle.
(c) He is concerned that the government is trying to buy his land to mine.
(d) He is concerned because there is a drought.

14. Who sends and puts Kumalo in charge of distributing resources for the village children?
(a) James Jarvis.
(b) Msimangu.
(c) The tribe’s chief.
(d) John Kumalo.

15. Which of the following is NOT a reason Arthur mentions in his paper that whites need to take responsibility for helping blacks?
(a) Because people who consider themselves Christians should not subjugate others in the name of God’s will.
(b) Because whites destroyed blacks’ tribal life in the first place.
(c) Because whites have actively suppressed the education of blacks out of fear.
(d) Because of blacks’ inferior intelligence and inability to help themselves.

Short Answer Questions

1. As James reads Arthur’s papers, what claim does his son make that offends him?

2. Who reveals to the Jarvises that their son has been murdered?

3. What is the Jarvis boy excited to practice with Kumalo?

4. Who do Arthur and Margaret visit as a brief respite from the trial?

5. Who has disappeared on the morning Kumalo is set to return to Ndotsheni?

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