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Msimangu’s Letter

This document, addressed to Kumalo, asks him to come to Johannesburg to look after his sick sister.

The Revolver

This was the weapon Absalom used to murder Arthur Jarvis.

The Iron Bar

This is the weapon carried by Johannes Pafuri which he uses to injure Jarvis’ servant.

Arthur Jarvis’ Papers

In these documents Arthur argue passionately for justice and equality for South African blacks.

The Gold Mines

This is a source of great wealth for white South Africans, at the expense of cheap black labor.

A Stove

This is the dearest wish of Kumalo’s wife, a dream they have saved money to buy over a long period of time, which must be put on hold when Kumalo is forced instead to travel to Johannesburg to look after Gertrude and find Absalom.

High Place

This is the name of the prosperous Jarvis farm that overlooks...

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