Cry, the Beloved Country Character Descriptions

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Stephen Kumalo

This character is a 60-year-old black village reverend who travels to Johannesburg to find a long-absent son. A gentle and passive person, this character does not control his own destiny but must rely on the help of others to make progress.


This character is an older black reverend working in a Johannesburg mission who escorts the protagonist around the city in his search for his sister, brother, and son. This character has strict and old-fashioned views on morality though he or she generally behaves with kindness and generosity.

James Jarvis

This character is a wealthy white farmer who lives above the valley where Ndotsheni rests. This character’s son is murdered, forcing this character to reevaluate his or her beliefs on racial equality and social justice.

Absalom Kumalo

This character is a teenager who seeks better opportunities in Johannesburg far away from the village where he...

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