Cry of the Kalahari Short Essay - Answer Key

Mark James Owens
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1. How does the memoir "Cry of the Kalahari" open?

The memoir "Cry of the Kalahari" opens with Mark Owens, the author, struggling to get comfortable while he sleeps out in the open terrain of Africa. In the opening sentences, Owens complains of his hip, shoulder, and side aching as he huddled inside his sleeping bag, trying to clear away clumps of grass and pebbles to get comfortable.

2. What did the sound "Aaoouu" signal to Mark Owens as he slept?

When Mark Owens heard the sound "Aaoouu" when he was sleeping, he knew that a large lioness was probably nearby. When Mark opened his eyes, he was shocked to see a massive lioness, more than 300 pounds, only five meters away from him. He was too scared to call to his wife and too scared to move.

3. Where did Mark and Delia Owens first meet?

Mark and Delia Owens met when they were both in protozoology class at the University of Georgia. After a few days of talking, they realized they both had the same goal of moving to Africa to help preserve the animals after learning that nearly two-thirds of the African wildlife had already been destroyed.

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