Objects & Places from Cry of the Kalahari

Mark James Owens
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University of Georgia

This was where Mark and Delia first met when they were graduate students.

Johannesburg, South Africa

This is a large city in Africa. It is where Mark and Delia leave and enter the country.


This is the country in which the Kalahari Desert is located.

Gaborone, Botswana

This was the town in which Mark and Delia spent their first night in Africa and purchased their first Land Rover.

Central Desert

This was where Mark and Delia Owens tracked the lion pride they named the Blue Pride for their wildlife research project and where they studied the brown hyena.

Great Thirst

This was an immense track of land in the Kalahari Desert considered to be desolate and inhabited by only Bushmen.

Maun, Botswana

This was the village where the Owens obtained gas, water, and other supplies.

Valley of Deception

This was where the Owens made...

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