Cry of the Kalahari Fun Activities

Mark James Owens
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The Kalahari

Read another nonfiction book about the Kalahari and compare / contrast the histories told in each book. What is the same about these representations of the land? What is different? Write a short report of your findings citing examples from both texts to strengthen your arguments.

Author Investigation

Research the life of Mark James Owens using outside sources and write a short report of his biography. Why might Owens have been inspired to move to the Kalahari and write about his experiences there?


This biography is full of scientific words and phrases that aren't used in our everyday English language. Create a list of twenty new vocabulary words from the text. Teach their meanings to your classmates.


Do some research on the impact which the book "Cry of the Kalahari" had on animal preservation in Africa. Did the book help Mark and Delia's cause, or...

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