Cry of the Kalahari Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Mark James Owens
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Essay Topic 1

Mark and Delia Owens were a formidable couple from the moment they first met. First, describe how Mark and Delia first met. What drew the pair of them together? How did they know they would be a good match for each other? Then, choose at least one example from the Owens' early history together and describe how this incident showcases the Owens' desire to change the world, regardless of how well-accepted their decision might be. How did this early decision eventually lead to the couple's move to the Kalahari? Be sure to include examples from the text to strengthen your arguments.

Essay Topic 2

While they were on the airplane relocating to Botswana, Mark had a very vivid and very disturbing dream. First, describe the dream that Mark had on the airplane. What was significant about this dream? What was Mark's initial reaction to the dream? Then...

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